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The avegant Glyph is not your average VR gadget or headset, it’s definitely not also your fantasy starship holodeck replica, but its something quite interesting. It’s something between a very cool headphone that bangs cool music to your eardrum to an extremely large LCD screen that displays the best of quality images and videos for your viewing pleasure. The idea is quite simple: wearing your very own private 3D movie theater around on your neck. Oops.. on your neck? Don’t get scared, it comes light enough to sit comfortably there for quite some time. You wouldn’t even notice it’s there when you are immersed in the unparalleled movie viewing experience it offers. Accepted, there are probably lots of VR headsets out there, most of which are still ‘not so ready’ prototype of course. Now the million dollar question is ; “what is the difference between the avegant Glyph and the numerous VR gadgets out there?”. For a tech enthusiast or a lucky early adopter, another important question would probably be; “how is it different from other readily available virtual movie screen gadgets out there?”. Well, the answer to this question comes in a rather “not so straightforward” but simple form. Firstly to get the difference between the avegant glyph and other VR gadgets out there we must first have a fair knowledge of how other VR gadgets work and their flaws. For this I suggest you take a look at my reviews on;

Facebook’s Occulus rift

Microsoft’s HoloLens

Google’s glass

Sulon’s Cortex VR Headset


the glyph

Image credit:avegant.com

Taking a look at my reviews above will give you some heads up on where we are headed. Firstly its good to stress the fact that the avegant glyph is technically not really a VR headset and it’s in no way as immersive as other VR gadget, but that does not in any way impede its core goal: provide a VR like experience for die hard video cinema fans(or at least that’s what we are made to believe). Its most important underpinning technology is the ” Virtual Retinal Display”, which offers the avegant glyph a distinct advantage over competing VR gadgets like the Oculus Rift and Google Glass . For the not so nerdy readers, virtual retinal display(VRD) or rectinal scan display(RSD) is a display technology akin to a television display which enables the user of the VRD enabled gadget to see what appears to be a conventional display floating in front of them. It’s like looking at a very huge LCD screen when in reality you are actually looking at a few inch wide piece of glass.


The experience…


Image credit: SBnation.com

With the avegant Glyph it’s like you’re sitting on your sofa or in a boring counseling session , listening to music on a large geeky-looking set of headphones. Then the session gets more boring, You decide you’d rather get some good movies going.

avant glyph
Image credit: Aolcdn.com

You slide your headphones forward until the broad white band is now in front of your weary eyes, and then rather than just listen to music, you also watch some good movies. Believe me,it’s like watching a movie on one of those 80-inch TV, except the picture you’re seeing isn’t on an 80inches LCD — it’s being projected directly into your eyes from a pair of tiny glasses. Cool right? Yes ,its definitely cool, but again it all depends on your definition of cool.

avegant glyphs

Though it’s much larger than standard headphones, the Glyph can look a bit like a

pair of cans when worn on your head (audio also sounds good) (Photo: Will Shanklin/


I love Virtual reality, at least the few I have reviewed are nothing short of breathtaking, it makes you want to ditch your iphone 6s live photos feature and your 64 inch TV set for them. I mean it makes you think what the hell were those buying those huge 64 inches TV set thinking, why not get one these immersive VR toys to add to their collection? No so fast… these toys may look and act cool, but the are far from flawless and the definitely have their limitations. Notably among those limitations is the good old compatibility issues. If there is any serious threat to the future of virtual reality its most certainly compatibility hurdles. Another downside about the glyph is that it isn’t nearly as immersive as the Rift, and is designed more for viewing stationary, single-pane content, like you would on any other screen. Nonetheless The Avegant Glyph is still a fascinating piece of technology, even if it is sure to make you a conversation piece for everyone around you. The glyph will retail for US$600, but right now you can pre-order it for $500 and become a proud owner of a wearable cinema!.