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Self-Suicide Machine Can Help End One’s Life With Just A Blink Of An Eye

Australian Doctor Unveils Self-Suicide Machine
Australian Doctor Unveils Self-Suicide Machine

A popular euthanasia activist, Dr Philip Nitschke of Australia, has unveiled a self-suicide machine that can be triggered within a blink of an eye.

A model of the device was unveiled with a high-tech VR headset to give inquisitive onlookers a glimpse of what it would feel like to sit in front of the big red button.

The device is named “Sarco”, short for sarcophagus and is a 3D-printed machine designed to enable people end their life in a quick and simple way without risking harm to others.

The Sarco comes with a detachable coffin and depends on the use of an infuser nitrogen delivery system where a canister feeds the chamber. The machine works by filling a capsule with nitrogen, which induces hypoxic death to the occupant.

According to the well-known advocate of individuals’ right to die, the idea for the invention came about in 2012 during conversations on the case of a British man, Tony Nicklinson, who suffered from locked-in syndrome – the result of a severe stroke in 2005 and left him unable to speak or move.

While in search of assisted suicide options, Nicklinson lawyer reached out to Dr Nitschke, who began to consider the possibility of an individual whose movements were limited to blinking to be able to trigger death without the need for help by others.

The resulting device is the Sarco which according to the doctor is intended to offer people the option of peacefully ending their life without assistance, in a way that is effective and dignified.

“Death shouldn’t be something you do hidden away in a back room somewhere,” Dr Nitschke told The Independent.

Mr Nicklinson fought a long, and ultimately unsuccessful, court battle in a bid to allow his doctors legally to assist his suicide.

The famous Dr Death has in previous times developed machines that could be used by individuals to inject themselves with lethal doses of barbiturates.

However, reactions have continued to trail the newly invented device as many pro-life activists have opposed it stating that it is a way of glamorising death.

The virtual reality experience of the Sarco was displayed on 14th of April in Westerkerk church, Amsterdam for the city’s annual Funeral Expo. However, the President of the Westerkerk church board, Jeroen Kramer, said to The Independent, “We will not and cannot support any suggestion of using such equipment.”