Super Mario run

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The long awaited and most hyped game by Nintendo, Super Mario Run has finally keep to its promises and made a debut on the android operating system. Recall that the game was released on the iOS platform late last year, 2016.

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One thing that has always been in speculation is the acceptance and reception the Super Mario run would receive from the Android users. It was given a very warming patronage by iOS users, though they later decried the decision and most of them gave a very bad review, saying the game was not worth it.

Super Mario run
Super Mario run

There are some limitations which comes with this game, two of which are very pronounced. First is that the game isn’t a free game, which translates that you would not have total and full access to playing the game, and would be stopped at some point where payment would be required for continuation.

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Many questions comes to mind regarding the above limitation, the most salient being would Android users be willing to pay a certain amount, no matter how small just to keep playing the Super Mario Run.

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A second limitation is that the Super Mario Run requires internet connectivity to be played. Now I must say that this feature is surely not needed and is a very pronounced limitation as not everyone would be willing to connect to the internet just to play a game.

I don’t know what Nintendo thought about that made them introduce this feature to the game but I ought to say that it must have limited the game patronage.

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The game has however not been released in Nigeria, but thanks to APKMIRROR, you can surely download it ( I love the internet). The file size is about 61mb. Super Mario Run is free to try, but accessing the whole game will require a one-time purchase of $10. Others? Please download on Google Play store.


  1. I was beginning to wonder where Pokémon Go went to. Obviously, the craze died down. I’m not sure how long this Mario would last.

  2. Is there anyone that managed to pay for the game? Because I have been trying to do so all day with my Mastercard without any success.

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