Chromebook, Asus, Play Store

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It has finally happened. And just as was promised at this year’s Google I/O conference, the Play Store has arrived at a computer near you. That is if that PC is Chromebook. Not just any Chromebook though, it has to be the Asus Chromebook Flip. That means if your own an Asus Chromebook Flip, you can now run millions of Android apps on it. But you need to install the latest Chrome 53 via the developer channel.

Chromebook, Asus, Play Store

This is good news for people with  compatible Chromebook. While lesser mortals like yours truly are still stuck on the world’s number one OS, Windows. So we are being told to upgrade to a Chromebook or be stuck in the past. It has being said on many occasions that the Chrome OS,  might one day overtake Windows as the leading OS in PCs. Whether it is likely ever going to happen is one thing. On the other hand, who would’ve thought the Android OS would become the number one in mobile devices. There was a time it was either the Symbian OS or nothing. Now, in just a few short years, some people can’t even remember the name of Nokia’s OS. Even Microsoft just recently gave up on trying to carve a niche for itself in the mobile market with Windows phones.

The new development was posted by François Beaufort of Google on his Google plus page. The post came complete with a screenshot of the popular game Clash Royale ready to be played. Those into Android games know that game a lot. Beaufort’s post was long enough to provide links to a video and blog about how the Chromium team made it all possible. A third link was provided of the list of devices(read Chromebook) that apks can be installed on;

The Play Store and Android Apps just started rolling out on the Dev channel for the Asus Flip Chromebook and I’m loving it so far. More devices will follow very soon. Yeah!

Check out and to learn more about how the chromium team brought the Play Store to Chrome OS so that you can run Android Apps on your Chromebook.

For info, here’s the non-exhaustive list of Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and Chromebases that will be able to install Android apps:″

Chromebook, Asus, Play StoreThat for me was a short post on something that is clearly a game changer. I guess the links are supposed to provide all the answers. I doubt it though. Beaufort should have hung around to answer some insightful questions for his Google plus audience. He must be a busy man I guess. One question I would have loved to get an answer to was from Dani Kasti who asked:

I’ve seen this site :

“While we won’t be able to bring Android apps to every Chromebook ever made”

“For the best experience with Android apps on Chromebooks, we recommend purchasing a device from the list below.”

So you have say that Chromebooks are for ‘everyone’ but just the recent chromebooks will have 53 update, so the moto is wrong it’s not for everyone. If you have HP Chromebooks like 11 G1, G2 forget about this update.
I won’t get a new chromebook and I am done with android and chrome fragmentation. Google have to react.”

Or this short question from Gaetan Penotet:

+François Beaufort I know you can’t disclose everything, but are their any chance that later every Chromebook will be supported or are some of them gonna be left being for sure?”

These are just two of the pertinent questions that people raised in response to the Google plus post by Beaufort.

That people would now adopt a Chromebook more readily is saying the obvious. Taking the Android experience to PCs would make for a more seamless transition from mobile to PC. The learning curve for new users of Chromebook PCs would now be gentle as people are already familiar with the softwares on their mobile devices.

For emulators like Bluestacks, AMIDuOS and droid4x, it is time they take a different part. Nobody needs them when you have Play Store already installed on PCs. Or is there any other use for emulators I don’t know? Please, do tell me. We learn everyday.


photo credit: Google