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Presently, if we were to be sincere, women are somewhat relegated to the back seat when it comes to technology on a general note. I think it is high time stakeholders in the industry take it upon themselves, especially those of the female gender to educate other interested women when it comes to tech, and I am also happy to announce that someone is currently doing that.

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Apart from She Leads Africa, there are very few platform for women to explore the men dominated tech world, but IA (Ire Aderinokun), who is a Software Developer and Developer Expert with big daddy Google is looking to build the skills of Nigerian women in the Technology industry. She is one of the few women in STEM at the forefront of technology globally.

She recently announced her intentions to launch a scholarship scheme for 5 dedicated Nigerian women to complete an Udacity Nanodegree of their choosing. She announced this via her twitter handle, @Ireadenidokun.

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Just so you know know how much this lady is willing to spend on enlightening women technologically, we’d tell you a bit about Udacity. Udacity is a for-profit educational institution which offers massive open online courses (MOOCs). Their nanodegree programme serves as a compressed version of their full programmes, translating it as a more intensive course.

Talking about the fees, which Miss Ire would take care of, Udacity Nanodegree degree cost $199/month even though the program gives room for other forms of payment. The time frame for this usually spreads about 6 -12 months to complete.

This brings us to why Miss Ire hopes the women would be dedicated enough to complete this program in 6 months as this is one of the only five requirements.

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So basically Miss Ire would be paying a sum of about $1,200 for 5 people which amounts to $6,000. This is how much she values women’s advancement in technology.

You are at liberty to pick from 11 courses. You might want to pick the Intro to programming course if you are a beginner as is most ladies, and in a case that you dedicate 10hrs a week, you’ll complete the ‘Intro to programming’ in 5 months and be as dedicated as Miss Ire wants you to be.



  1. I’m much elated with this development and initiative. It shows that our women are still invaluable to us. I believe it will enhance their horizon!

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