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Apply For The First Arise Pitch Competition For FinTech Startups

Arise is a group of angel investors that seeks to invest in innovative entrepreneurs and startups at a very early stage. This investment company invest in ideas, people and technology. If you have big ideas, think out of the box and don’t understand the word “can’t” then you have come to the right place. For them, nothing is too crazy if you can back it up with data.

Apply for Arise pitch competition for FinTech companies

Apply for Arise pitch competition for FinTech companies

The group is organising its first pitch competitionfor fintech startups who are looking for early stage investment. The #arisepitch is happening on Friday, October 14, 2016 and the deadline for applications is Sunday, October 9, 2016. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to pitch for 5 minutes for the chance to win a seed investment of N1 million in exchange for 5% of their companies.


* Investors get access to deals, and startups get more capital with fewer meetings.
* Investors get access to a filtered pipeline of firms and also benefit from the pooled experience of fellow Syndicate Members.
* Startups get more capital with fewer meetings. They also get the attention of investors who are considering making a large investment.

The voting is done by a panel of a minimum of four panelists at each pitch night. The panel will consist of a of 2 arise investors, and at least 2 guest judges invited from the broader startup and investment communies.

Arise pitch competition for FinTech startups

Arise pitch competition for FinTech startups

These investors are doing this because they think that there is a gap in early stage funding for ideas – their aim is to bridge that gap by providing capital and a curated network to help the best founders and entrepreneurs.


Then you must be a working class professional or entrepreneur who is sophisticated enough to understand the risks involved with angel investing, while also willing to invest finance and time in funding and mentoring prospective start-ups identified by the Syndicate.

So to the startup founders, of you own a FinTech startup and you are interested in acquiring a N1 Million investment (who isn’t?), then head over to apply at . Good luck to you.

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