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BMCE Bank, formerly known as MediCapital Bank Plc is accepting applications currently for the 2017 edition of the African Entrepreneurship Awards (AEA), which helps to mentor entrepreneurs to grow their business ideas in Africa. BMCE Bank is a large commercial bank in Morocco.

The AEA started two years ago and it aims to mentor African entrepreneurs –both home and abroad- to grow their businesses across the continent, thereby creating means of employment that betters lives and as well eradicating joblessness. As a means of application, entrepreneurs will submit a concise summary of their business ideas.

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Several winners from four different categories emerged at the last year’s edition of the awards. They received more mentoring to assist them organize and launch their business on a better scale. They were also given cash prizes.

This year’s edition of the awards will start with the same traditional means – submitting a brief summary of the business ideas by the entrepreneurs. The business ideas have to possess relevance in any of these categories –Education, Environment & Unchartered.

From the point of submission to the moment when the awards ceremony will hold, the entrepreneurs will receive mentorship classes from business experts and academic scholars in business from across the world. The award journey starts as soon as the entrepreneur submits the business idea.

“You may be asking yourself this whole time why you would be submitting your golden idea to the African Entrepreneurship Award. What are you getting out of this? We are not seeking to capitalize on ideas. Rather, we seek businesses that will improve lives from all over Africa and empower you to plan, launch and scale your business,” stated the organizers of the awards in a post.

The organizers also said, “We will finance and help build your idea into a sustainable business that employs people, improves your economy, and impacts lives in Africa.”

The awards ceremony will take place during the latter period of the year in Morocco. US$1 million will be shared among the winners; to be used to improve and materialize their businesses.

Interested entrepreneurs should log on to the website of the awards to get information about their eligibility. Interested entrepreneurs in the awards should submit their application on/before 28 April 2017.