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At the moment, I feel like saying “Wawu” to Apple. Apple just keeps on blazing the trend list on good tech stuff.

Last week, it was reported that Apple got the licence to work on 5G network technology type. That is to say that Apple is utilizing the prospective oversight that will present a new difference to the tech atmosphere.

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Now, it’s not about what they just did, but what they have done in the past that’s now giving them the praise they so deserve. What I’m referring to in this instance, is none other than the Apple Watch. This time, it has helped to detect a heart attack incidence with an A-grade accuracy.

Considering the number of smartwatches that are in competition with the major brand, the brand just has to do everything in its power to remain top of the game.

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Its sensory capabilities have been used and tested by several users who have testified to the efficiency of the device in making them detect their heart rate malfunctions right on time in order to salvage more means of survival. You can however call it a ‘helping doctor’ or a ‘doctor’s assistant’. Although, not in all cases, can they be dubbed the helping doctor.

Cases have been reported of the watch helping its users to detect possible cases of heart attacks due to increased heart beat per minutes.

The accuracy of the device was given by the result of the study taken at the University of California, San Francisco where a study was taken using 6,000 participants as the case studies. Using a heart monitoring device also known as the Cadiogram, the study was taken.

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The study reported that a huge percent of the participants had extremely good heart conditions but the apple watch was able to detect atrial fibrillation in 200 participants.

According to a health expert in the University, an atrial fibrillation is a condition of the heart that could pose a potential risk of heart attack.

The cadiogram used by the University of California further showed that the apple watch has an A grade accuracy of heart monitoring which was up to 97 percent.