life is easier on iphone

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Everything thing being equal, if you were to give an award for the “Operating system with the most simplicity”, the Android OS would be sure to clinch it, but Apple does not thin so.  Apple recently updated some parts of its official website, which now includes a section dedicated to Android users who may want to switch to iOS. This could be an act of poking the bear, as they have decided to go right inside a strongman’s house and steal his property.

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For the consumption of Android users, and hopefully, potential switchers, Apple is actually bragging about the fact that iPhones are very fast considering their custom chipsets, great cameras (iPhone 2MP camera out shine some Android 16MP camera px), offer enhanced privacy and security and generally, iOS is simple to use.

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Apple mentioned that “Life is easier on iPhone. And that starts as soon as you turn it on.” And this here, sounds like shots fired Android’s way. We sure do expect Android to fire back.

life is easier on iphone
life is easier on iphone

But then, IOS devices aren’t too popular over here, Android is king in Africa, IOS can only have its stronghold outside Africa, not in it. They have actually given us reasons why they think that switching to an iPhone is a good idea – first is the fact that transferring your data (after downloading the dedicated Move to iOS app from Google Play) is easy as a breeze. But then, when the tables are turned around, and you want to switch from IOS to Android, it is as easy as this too. So, there is no point.

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Also, Apple has uploaded a series of 16 sec short videos  on its Youtube channel here that underline the easiness of ditching your Android handset for an iPhone. Are you already considering a switch over to Apple? Let us know , and why?