Apple opens first physical store in mexico

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Apple has opened its very first physical Apple Store in Mexico yesterday. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had tweeted earlier saying, “¡Gracias México por recibirnos!” Translated, Cook’s missive read, “Thanks for welcoming us, Mexico!” While the store opened on Saturday, people were already waiting on line at 7pm on Friday night.

Apple opens first physical store in mexico
Apple opens first physical store in mexico

Apple Store is a chain of retail stores owned and operated by Apple Inc. , dealing with computers and consumer electronics. The stores sell Macintosh personal computers , software , iPod, iPad, iPhone , Apple Watch , Apple TV , and select third-party accessories. All stores offer a Genius Bar for technical support and repairs, free product workshops for the public, youth programs (workshops, field trips, Apple Camps); some high-profile stores feature a theater for presentations and workshops and a studio for training with Apple products, all of which Mexico would/had already started benefiting from since yesterday.

The name of the location is Apple Vía Santa Fe and the tech giant is planning on building two more stores in Mexico City, with one being considered a global flagship.

Apple is hoping to use the new stores in Mexico as a gateway to other countries like Argentina, Chile and Peru. The new Apple Store in Mexico features a custom 37-inch television screen, a Genius Bar, custom wooden cabinets and tables, and room for in-store classes. About 200 employees work at the store. Apple started an email campaign last week in an attempt to drum up visitors to visit the store. The promotion actually worked as thousands ended up visiting the brick and mortar location over the weekend.

Of the 43,000 Apple employees in the United States 30,000 work at Apple Stores. Due to the popularity of the brand applicants for jobs at Apple Stores are numerous with many young workers applying; pay is modest but generous benefits are offered. The pace of work is high due to the popularity of the iPhone and iPad. Employees typically work for only a few years as career prospects are limited with no path of advancement other than limited retail management slots. Apple Store employees make above average pay for retail employees and are offered money toward college as well as gym memberships, 401k plans, healthcare plans, product discounts, and reduced price on purchase of stock. The retention rate for the technicians who man the Genius Bar is over 90%.

We wish Apple Inc. a very receptive market in Mexico and by extension, North America.