Apple On A Quest Towards The 2019 iPhone

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`Apple On A Quest Towards The 2019 iPhone
Apple On A Quest Towards The 2019 iPhone

Reports coming to us is that Apple just after the release of the iPhone X is on a mission to uncover something, even more, grandeur in 2019.  Reports gathered reveals that they are working on a rear 3D sensor for the device and this will help the company’s reality apps and services.

This system is expected to function by firing laser beam out of the device and measuring the time it takes for the reflection to get back to it to establish a depth map. Though this information can be obtained by dual cameras and through the infrared-based FaceID system that graces the notch on the front of the iPhone X. But this new product is being manufactured to produce results that are a lot more accurate and precise.

Apple is said to be negotiating with the 3D-sensing system supplier but it’s not so certain yet that the feature will come in handy in the new product, but one thing is certain that the TrueDepth sensors that make FacialID work on the front of the iPhone X are going to be retained and Apple is gearing towards creating the 3D sensor for the rear to give the device 3D awareness on both sides.

Apple will only seek to improve on its amazing augmented reality on iOS devices by adding up to the hardware package. We may not have any lead yet on timing but this 3D sensor fits in perfectly with the recent achievements that the company will be seeking to upgrade.