iPhone X

The iPhone X preorders got sold out so fast in a matter of minutes during the preorder release on Thursday the 26th of this month making the shipping dates the much anticipated device push back. A lot the customers with the opportunity to make preorders on that day were still guaranteed that their orders will be shipped by the 3rd of November which is the expected date of the iPhone X to go on sale in stores worldwide.

Apple Inc. in other news has none the less found a way to ensure a meet up with the early and heavy demand for its debut iPhone X.


Prior to this time, the expected shipping dates for a large number of the iPhone X preorders were dated sometime in the middle of Of November but have now been reset to the third of November from a number of customers who have shared their updated estimates from the Apple on Reddit and other web forums.

This estimate changes to seem to most likely relate to the preorders that have been originally referenced as having a ship date between the 10th and 17th of November. As at a few days back on Saturday, Apple stated that the new iPhone X orders are shipping in Five weeks on Apple’s official website.

As a result of restrictions, Apple is expected to make only shipments of about two to three million iPhone X preorders world wide, making the smartphone an uneasy purchase through the holiday period. The KGI Securities also lately put a reduction to its forecast for total fourth quarter iPhone X shipments between twenty five and thirty million units from the original thirty to thirty five million units.