Good news to all Apple users who preordered the Apple Airpods!

Following the release and launch of the iPhone 7 device some months back, the Apple Airpods were subsequently, almost simultaneously by the way, announced as a new development: given the removal of the 3.5mm earpiece jack from the iPhone 7 devices. The announcement of the Airpods to the public was welcomed with applauds by some portion of the public, and with scrutiny by some other portion.

The Apple AirPods are now being shipped out to those who pre-ordered the Bluetooth powered wireless earphones. Last week, Apple started accepting pre-orders for the product roughly two months after the device was expected to be launched. While Apple never explained the reason for the delay, one theory said that the individual ear pieces were having problems capturing sound independently without the wire that usually connects the two in-ear pieces. Another issue with background noise was also rumored to be part of the reason for the delay.
All that is in the past now as those who pre-ordered the AirPods at $159.99 a pop are receiving shipping notifications.

Apple promised delivery of the pre-orders by December 21st. Orders placed for the AirPods now from Apple will take six weeks to ship.
The AirPods pair easily with an iPhone, and while they will connect with a non iOS device, the process is not as streamlined. The product is powered by Apple’s W1 chip which handles the connection between Apple devices. The AirPods switch seamlessly between some other Apple gadgets (the iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch).


Source: Appleinsider