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Apple Inc., the multinational United States company which has been much and largely successful due to their Mac OS and iOS softwares as well as their beautiful line of technological breakthroughs in terms of the iPhone, have stepped their game up a notch by acquiring VocalIQ to boost their Siri software programme.

VocalIQ is a natural language processing firm that is situated in the United Kingdom particularly picking interest in the control of voice within smartphones and mobile devices. VocalIQ’s technology is mainly focused on the development of language skills, helping users to naturalise, familiarize and accustom themselves to their device in the most realistic way possible. The major relevance of VocalIQ comes in the area of convenience. Due to its widely flexible nature, it allows users to interact with their devices with their natural tongues instead of trying to memorize and reproduce system prompts, which usually proves tedious and most times, futile in the long run.

The Apple Siri software has been around for a while now and has featured on multiple lines of iPhone releases that have been released till date. It even features on the Mac OS (for Systems) versions of Apple products.
Siri, which originally uses a natural user language interface to relate to the user, interacting with users and helping them to perform tasks on the Web intelligently, would enjoy a huge boost with this latest acquisition and there are hopes that iPhone would capitalize on this to make further improvements to the app in the nearest future.

With VocalIQ most recently referring to Siri as ‘a toy’ in one of its blog posts, it came as a surprise to many that Apple went ahead to purchase such a company. It is believed by another faction though that Apple has taken an entirely professional approach to the matter and put business first before emotions.

Given that VocalIQ is so developed that it is capable of creating virtual conversational assistants even for vehicles, this recent acquisition has further fueled the rumours and given credence to the rumours flying around for a while that Apple is running a secret project whose outcome would be the launch of the company’s first brand car. The car, nicknamed Project Titan, is set to sail in about 4 years from now according to the rumours.

Although Apple had confirmed the news to Financial Times, it failed to disclose the specifics of their agreement. Carefully evading questions as to the price tag placed on the website and all, Apple gave a statement that “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

The VocalIQ company which stems from the University of Cambridge Dialogue System Group is expected to stay put in its base of operations, whether as a temporal plan or permanent. Their website remains fully functional though as opposed to the norm of website purchase where it is taken offline. Their blog post which also affected the management of Apple and their own interactive mobile intelligence software, Siri, negatively still features on the website.

Contrary to popular belief though, the VocalIQ’s management has no hard feelings towards the management of Apple as out of the voice-driven competitors taken under consideration, Apple did well and outshone the rest of the bunch.

Users of the Apple products over various platforms would just have to fold their hands now and watch as things unfold, but it is to be expected that if there would be an improvement at all, history would most likely repeat itself and these would be coming out with the next Apple Products