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The rapid and almost daily emergence of startups in Nigeria of recent, has been somewhat impressive. I believe it would be very safe to say that our country is on a course to be an enterprising one, and citizens are now taking full refuge in entrepreneurship. Quite a nice development, to be candid.

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With Cab services like UBER, TAXIFY, Smart cab already in full operation in Nigeria, we are in our highest moods as we bring to you a new entrant into this already saturated but promising ride hailing industry. Welcome, Tule Taxi.

Tule Taxi
Tule Taxi

Tule Taxi is an on-demand transportation app which allows customers to schedule trips, and it has began operations in Lagos very recently. The service is headquartered in Texas, USA, and operates on a model which its owners would say is somewhat different from other ride hailing platforms.

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“It is more of a scheduled ride,” this is according to Tonye Briggs, country manager of Tule Taxi at the launch of the service. “Unlike the others that are instant, ours is working for efficient business people.”

Tule also rewards its users through a points based program called Tule Miles. On it, customers are awarded points based on the number of kilometers they travel. The points are redeemed for free rides and discounts for Tule Taxi’s partners.

I think this might just be a very good selling point of Tule Taxi. I’m not sure if Uber or Taxify or Smart cab offers free rides at some points to their customers, but I must say that Tule Taxi is smart to even think to do this. Every loyal customer would definitely love a free ride, one or two times.

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An SMS enabled function makes it possible for users of Tule to access its call center and schedule a ride without using the internet, which might also be a plus for them and make them always accessible to their customers, unlike some others.

According to their website, apart from corporate services, the company also offers airport taxi, school drop off and car rental services.