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The first ever Google Android Apps awards for the best game and apps in Google Play Store took me by surprise. I pride myself in staying on top the news from Google and other tech giants that aim to take over my life with their product and services. But this so called Android Apps awards just went under my radar big time.

android apps awards

The point I am trying to pass across here is this: awards shows are all about glitz and glamour. Like they do in movies and TV awards. Done properly, at least in my own estimation of properly, the public should have being teased about the awards in a media blitzkrieg to rival any. This is after all Google we are talking about. One of the biggest (if not the outright biggest) tech firms in the world. They could have used the opportunity of the Android Apps Awards to showcase their ability in putting up a show to rival the entertainment industry’s. Plus, they could have used the event to stream the event live on their revamped YouTube live streaming service. Just to show that Facebook upstart that their Live videos are just child’s play. Even if it was used extensively in this year’s Oscars.

Back to the Google Android Apps awards. Here is the statement issued by the ‘awards committee’ to Herald the first ever Google Android Apps Awards:

During a special ceremony last tonight at Google I/O, we honored ten apps and games for their outstanding achievements as part of the inaugural Google Play Awards.

As we shared onstage, when you look at how Google Play has evolved over the years, it’s pretty amazing. We’re now reaching over 1 billion users every month and there’s literally something for everyone. From real-time multiplayer to beautiful Indie games, industry changing startups to innovative uses of mobile technology, developers like you continue to push the boundaries of what apps can do.

Congrats to the following developers in each category!”

In an actual award ceremony, this is how opening speeches should be. Short and simple so we can get on with the business of watching the real stars on stage. But for an inaugural event, an online press release like this is nothing short of atrocious. This just proves the man is charge of the statement is a real nerd, with no idea how these things work. Maybe they would do better in the next award. They should. An award like this could be a real money spinner for Google in more ways than I can imagine.

Winners in the 2016 Google Android Apps Awards

android apps awardsLet take a look at the winners in the 10 categories:

Okay, before I sink my teeth into the list of winners, I should make it clear I have no idea what those apps are. I am not an app freak by nature. The apps I have are plain functional apps. Like my cousin once said, ‘Uncle, your phone is boring.’ Of course I reminded him I did not buy the phone for him.

Young people (or millennial as they are fondly called these days) would have a lot to say about the overall best game app, Clash Royale. Any time you see a youth starring at his phone for hours non-stop, it us not because he has unlimited Internet access. It just the online game on their phones keeping them occupied. That is why I think they might be able to give an opinion on Clash Royale as the best game. This article is a fine review of the game. It was an eye opener into the complicated world of Android games. I came out of that article thinking Clash Royale is a pretty poor choice for best game. However, after a while, I reminded myself of one truism in the world of mobile apps: there is no perfect app. All apps, no matter the resources invested in them, come out with one or two bugs, glitches and performance issues in some OS. So maybe the app really deserved it.

And congratulations to Houzz as the overall best app of 2016. Isn’t it just apt that in a period where augmented reality (AR) is making virtual reality (VR) look dated, an augmented reality-based app takes the overall prize? It’s fitting.


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