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Just when you feel you’ve gotten everything and the ultimate feel from Android, Google surprises us by releasing another awesome Android update. Over the years of update releases, spanning versions of Honeycomb, Gingerbread, IceCream Sandwich, KitKat and the likes, Google has never disappointed and this time around, they have released the Android 5 versions which have been named Lollipop.

Now, you might ask, what is so special about the Android Lollipop? You might also want to know for sure what makes this superior to your IceCream Sandwich and Kitkat to make you want an upgrade, and that’s why this review has been put up. At the end, you would be able to decide for yourself whether or not you want this new update to the Android servers.

Since release, versions of the new operating system such as 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 has been added to the bucnch to fix a series of user complaints and bugs. The biggest of these after-releases is the 5.1 Lollipop which also does well on smartphones and eliminates a lot of bugs inherent in the original OS.

Although Google are yet to fix a major bug that causes underhand performance of the Android Lollipop on low-end smartphones, high-end tech smartphones have quickly gotten the hang of the software. Below are some of the awesome improvements that the Android Lollipop has brought to the table.

Better User Interface and Graphics

Native Android users would give testament to the fact that Android never releases an update that wouldn’t improve the user interface. Same has happened in the case of the Android Lollipop which comes with a much more beautiful background and interface than its predecessors. Its beauty is simply enchanting and would make you want more of it instantly. It beautifully re-constructs your app drawer, settings and all other system-related functions to give you the overall beautiful layout you’ve always wanted from Android. Like a natural droid too, it isn’t still and even gives you room for personalisation.
There are also visual animations from place to place that helps this version beat its predecessors. Its fluidity, seamlessness of operations et al gives the Lollipop a pass over its ancestors

Improved Device Protection

One thing that device users often care about, their security, hasn’t been left out by Google in this Android version. Google even stepped up their game a notch by making sure no one can reset factory settings on your device unless they had your Google Account password. This should make it safe to say that your phone and files on it would remain intact in case a thief gets it. Also, sharing your device with friends just got easeir and safer as you can create a guest mode or other forms of (multiple) accounts for friends to use, while your own admin mode is kept safe.

If it then happens that your thief found a way to erase all data and restore factory settings, the security on the Android 5 won’t allow such a person access to the phone without a login or PIN.

Screen Pinning

Have you ever given your android smartphone to someone to check something out and they started scrolling through other stuffs? Well, Google has thought up a solution to that.
With the screen pinning feature, you have the opportunity to stick an app to your homescreen with other users not being able to un-pin it. It also finds applications when allowing children play games on the android. Helps to prevent them from fooling around and causing damage.

Remembers Weak Wi-Fi Networks

Previous android versions have been built to automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks you have been connected to before. Google steps up their game in this department by making sure your Android device with the Lollipop upgrade never connects to a poor network automatically again. This saves you the hassle of having to disconnect and re-connect to another. This means that your android would now help you naturally avoid and select the poor and best networks respectively.

Dual SIM Compatibility

Dual SIM Technology has been around for a while now, even on Android devices so this might not be news. What is worthy of note however is that Android itself has never made provisions for its software to be run on multiple SIMs, leaving device manufacturers to improvise themselves. The Android 5 Lollipop service comes with a dual SIM functionality built into its OS, giving double SIM users the ultimate feel.

The above are the most important new features that Android has offered with its Lollipop. The software is already on devices such as the Huawei Honour X2 Tab, Tecno Phantom 5, Xiaomi MI5, Lenovo A5000 and a host of others, the software which is yet to come to other devices is truly a brand builder and something you’d love to have.