Google Fiber stopped, Access CEO resogns

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The issue Cameroon had with the shutting down of internet seemed to be an odd thing in this generation that we’re in. But the news about a daily outage of internet that costs such a huge deficit into the nation’s economy is really something.

The Government of Somalia has made it known that it has loses a daily worth of £7.7m ($10m) due to internet outage. Although the effect of this outage is limited to the Southern region of Somalia, there’s no taking out the fact that the impact of the internet outage has a drastic effect on their economy.

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The internet outage was said to have been caused by the damage that occurred to the undersea fibre optic over two weeks ago. The Minister of Telecommunications, Somalia, Abdi Anshur Hassan has however made it known to the public that ongoing amendments are being made to the fibre optics, in which the Minister assured that the cable will be fixed “this week”.

The Minister said the damage to the fibre optics costs Somalia more than $130m. This incidence is what the Minister tags as a “major disaster”.

Meanwhile, in 2014, the report released on the amount of internet users in the country revealed that 1.6% of the country’s population used the internet. The report was released by the International Telecommunication Union.

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That wasn’t all for that year; as the 3G service was shut off as a result of a threat from a terrorist group known as the “al-Shabab Islamist militants”. And strangely, the ban has been there up till today.

The internet users in the country have resorted to the satellite internet, but the satellite internet is said to have some deficiencies. The satellite internet is said to be slow and costly. This has made the citizens of the nation turn their attention towards the internet cafes in the country.

We live in a world where the internet determines how effective almost every program and service will turn out. So, I deeply hope the outage is quickly resolved, and the Somalian citizens can enjoy the use of internet.