Amazon CEO's Net Worth Hits $100 Billion.

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Amazon CEO's Net Worth Hits $100 Billion.
Amazon CEO’s Net Worth Hits $100 Billion.

With the Black Friday sales, it was recorded that for the first time, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezo’s, net worth hit a hundred billion dollars. He became the richest person in the world after that he had spent part of 2016 trading sales with World’s richest man, Bill Gates. Surprisingly, back in 1999, Bill Gates also hit that 12 digit and since then started giving out on the platform of The Giving Pledge and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The rise in his wealth is because of the upsurge of the Amazon’s stock this year, and the Black Friday sales also skyrocketed the figures into the 12 digits. A certain firm estimated that Amazon alone must have taken up 50% of the entire online Black Friday sales.

Attaining such wealth, the question has been that how much more is this man willing top give out and how does he plan to achieve this. Its clear the billionaire is also seeking for better ways to help humanity as he was putting out a question to twitter this June on how he could do better in giving. His desire has been seen as he wants to handle issues on the intersection of urgent need and lasting impact.