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When it comes to unveiling plain genius or better still, extremely weird displays, Technology giant Samsung sure has it coming. Quite obviously we certainly shouldn’t expect any less from a company that has been among the pioneer of curved mobile display and then subsequently bendable mobile display. Though I may personally lack a good reason for saying curved and bendable mobile display are going to be a necessity or industry standards in the not so far future, the techies at Samsung will definitely not buy my idea. Logically after curved and bendable mobile display have been used on their mobile products, going for weirder concept is almost certainly the next thing in the not so natural order of events. After years of rumour peddling of Samsung’s inevitable launch of a ‘ bendable mobile display’ phone, Chinese website weibo might have just confirmed that the phone which have been in the making and has taken forever to be unveiled now has a launch date; – January 2016!.

Before we jump into Samsung’s latest weirdo, let’s take a trip down Samsung’s flexible display memory lane.
– Samsung first debuted its flexible mobile display on its Galaxy note edge, then the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. The later featured a 5.1 inch curved display which increased the viewing width and length of photos and videos making them appear 3D.Following on from the Galaxy Note Edge which boasted a single curved screen the galaxy 6 edge was the world’s first dual curved display phone. They S6 edge didn’t just carry a killer punch, it actually came with a more killer design too.
-following the progression for Samsung’s flexible display technology, the unnamed Samsung phone ( likely the galaxy 7) is not just going to boringly curvy, its actually going to be foldable.

Samsung's bendable mobile display
Image: just as reading tons of Einstein’s theory isn’t going to stop you from going mad after Taking excess marijuana, the Samsung’s new bendable mobile display isn’t really going to add any special punch to your phone. Well except making your pocket sweat and looking just weirdly cool with it, you are on a lone voyage.
Image credit: dailymail.co.uk

To add more credibility to the peddled gossips, a spokesman for Samsung Display told Business Korea: ‘The industry believes that the commercialisation of foldable smartphones will be possible in 2016.’ Coming from an insider, this clearly points to the fact that mass production of foldable display phones are just days away.

foldable screen concept
foldable screen concept
Foldable display concept
Image credit: sulekhalive.com

Armed with nothing but rumours and seemingly credible insider leaks we can make the following speculations about the Galaxy 7 foldable display phone;
– even if any thing goes unchecked, pricing is definitely not going to be among them, albeit in a pricey offer. The Samsung phone will most certainly not come cheap.
-as an alternative to plastic , the screen is likely going to be made of molecular substance-based polyimide film. This will form the backplane of the panel and will enhance flexibility by reducing the thickness of the flexible panel.
– to achieve a truely foldable display, the hardwares might also have to be flexible. This implies that the batteries, processor etc behind the screen have to be made of flexible materials. This is likely to be herculean, but then again technology of the 21st century virtually knows no bounds.
-if the Samsung phone comes successful and most importantly fold without much issues, Samsung will most cetainly have set industry standards for displays by striking a near perfect balance between design and technology.
-it will likely come with a 3GB of RAM alongside a non removable battey.

When the galaxy 7 is finally released in January 2016, most likely with a snapdragon 820 chipset, or in two models with another packed with an Exynos 8890 processor the pricing is going to be an issue. However lots of technology enthusiasts wouldn’t really mind going an extra mile to get a taste of foldable display as it could very much change the course of the smartphone industry.