Abuja auto show

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The just concluded Detroit Auto Show got me thinking about an automobile show organized in Nigeria. I wondered why the biggest economy in Africa has no auto show to brag about. I mean there is everything to gain from manufacturers of all sorts of vehicles using a show like this for the benefit of their customers and everybody else concerned with the industry. The publicity for car dealers and auto makers would be immense. And of course a show like this would also be a good public relations coup for Nigeria’s image abroad.

Abuja motor show
photo: 243events.com

A basic Internet search once again proved to me that a little ignorance can be as bad as complete ignorance. It turned out there are two major auto shows in Nigeria. One in Abuja and the other in Lagos.

The Abuja Motor show took place just a couple of months ago. Precisely from the 29th of October to the 5th of November 2015 at the famous Eagle Square. It appears the one week old Abuja Motor show attracted a lot of exhibitors and people. Though some reports claim a lot of companies stayed away from the Abuja motor show, the companies and firms that made a showing at the event made it worthwhile for everyone involved.

It would surprise a lot of people to learn that last year’s Abuja Motor show is the 17th in the series. This throws a very pertinent question: how come there is very little publicity about the event? An Internet search of the show did not bring up any website as the official website of the show. The best I got was a certain BKG, who described themselves as organizers of big shows, events and exhibitions like the Abuja Motor show.

Abuja Motor show
cars on exhibition at Abuja motor fair                       photo: autofocusblog.net

So it is not surprising that the same BKG is the organizer of the the 11th Lagos Motor Fair and 5th Autoparts Expo. And talking about the Lagos event, the 11th edition comes up between the 1st and 4th of May 2015. Again there is no website for the Lagos auto fair.

Some may say the BKG website is good enough as the official website of both shows. The problem is this, BKG is just a glorified events manager. They organize all sorts of shows. Their website is therefore awash with all the events they organize. One of the events they midwife is an Agric Expo.

Saying that our auto shows need their own dedicated websites to be taken seriously internationally is stating the obvious. It is not difficult to create and manage a website. The benefits of having a website cannot be overstated. Most times, the first port of call for any curious person looking for information about a show of that size is the official website. From the website, you get info about who, how and when to contact about the show. Official press releases also appear on the web page too.

Abuja Motor show
photo: autofocusblog.net

For now any information you need on upcoming events for both the Lagos and Abuja shows would be found on BKG’s website. And information on previous shows can only be found on local online sites that were present at the show, like this one here about last year’s Abuja Motor show.

We are the largest economy in Africa, our industries and firms should start behaving in a manner that reflects that.



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