Flutterwave now live in kenya

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The Flutterwave API is a new payment solution that allows anyone in Africa to accept payments – essentially Paypal for Africa. Available in JSON architecture with secure HTTPS protocol.

In an interview with Karen Webster, Aboyeji stated that the API allows for users in Africa to send and receive money across the aforementioned conduits, a continuum that could be a boon to cross-border transactions. As much as half of the global workforce, said the executive, will be located in Africa by the end of the next two decades, opening the door for new and robust payments options, a necessity really in making sure that workers and firms are paid on time with speed and security.

Now, Iyin Aboyeji’s newest venture, Flutterwave has spread its tentacles to East Africa. The payments platform can now process cards denominated in Kenyan Shillings and US Dollars, with support for M-Pesa payments. This means Flutterwave clients in Kenya will be able to send and receive money into any bank account (in Kenya) using Visa, Mastercard and M-Pesa.

Flutterwave now live in kenya
Flutterwave now live in kenya

Flutterwave’s partnered with Kenya’s KCB Bank to make this happen, and their first client is The TicketFairy, a YC-backed company that sells event tickets via card and M-Pesa payments. Right now, Flutterwave is rolling out APIs to a few Kenyan clients, and Pay with Capture (a Nigerian mobile payment app by Access Bank) is building a stand alone web app for money transfer to Kenya on it. Kenya is Flutterwave’s first East African country, and they’re working on expanding in that market – the partnership with KCB Bank covers all their groups in East Africa.

Flutterwave is currently fully functional (clients can send and receive payments) in 3 african countries – Nigeria, Ghana and now Kenya. The plan is to expand in 9 more countries before the end of the year.

This emergence of Flutterwave on East Africa would really help a lot of businesses around the world which have prospects in this part of the continent as it will help bridge a payment gap between buyers and sellers.

Flutterwave will rollout their Kenya API on October 1, 2016.