Safer Galaxy Note 7 caught fire exploded

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Is there no end to the bad news coming Samsung’s way since the Galaxy Note 7 was launched? The latest reports indicate that a Chinese Man who bought the Note 7 just just last week had the shock of his life when the phone exploded while it was being charged.

Safer Galaxy Note 7 caught fire exploded
Burnt Note 7 and destroyed Mac

For the 25 years old Chinese man, known as Hui Renjie,  it must have been really traumatic to have such an expensive gadget explode so soon after buying it.

For the rest of the world, we are left scratching our heads in puzzlement. It is strange that there are still exploding Note 7 devices out there.

Over the past couple of weeks, we all thought Samsung had managed the crisis of exploding Note 7 phones due to defective batteries pretty well. The way Samsung responded by recalling millions of Note 7 in 10 key markets where the phones where sold was admirable.

Safer Galaxy Note 7 caught fire exploded
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The recall was comprehensive. Samsung blitzed people who had already bought the Note 7 with information of how and where to go about with the the recall program.

Retailers, big and small, who had unsold stock in their inventories were given clear instructions on how to return the phones. While phones still in transit were also effectively turned back to Samsung to be replaced.

Samsung did not leave anything to chance. They made sure all the logistics for replacing the defective phones were top-notch. They even had to sell stocks in some high tech companies to make sure they had the financial flexibility to run the operation.

As of last week and going into this week, the story was all good for Samsung. New Note 7 had already been dispatched to people, retailers and shops. The world thought the worst was already over.

And now this.

Injuries to Chinese Man and His Mac

Samsung said in an email to Bloomberg that they would contact the customer to find out what really happened. That is the least anybody expects from them.

Safer Galaxy Note 7 caught fire exploded
Burnt Note 7 beside the carton it was bought in

But it is strange the man is claiming the exploded phone caused minor injuries to two fingers. The first question that came to mind was, was he holding the phone and charging it at the same time? I mean, nobody I know ever does that.

Even if he was holding it, did the rising temperature not alert him to the fact of the coming danger? Because I assume the phone had to get very hot over a period of time before exploding.

For many reasons that won’t bode well for Samsung, I don’t want to entertain the thought that the phone exploded spontaneously. In which case, the issue would be much more than just defective battery.

Anyway, the man also lost his Mac computer in the explosion.

Samsung’s reputation at Stake

If It turns out the latest report about the exploded phone in China was the result of defective battery or something worse, then Samsung have a bigger problem than just the recall of phones.

Safer Galaxy Note 7 caught fire exploded
Shin Jong-kyun, CEO of Samsung Mobile

Even narrowing down the problem to just phone recalls means Samsung had really underestimated the number of phones they had to replace.

Aside from that, this phone was bought just last week. Which means it ought to be among the batch that was supposed to be super safe. If a new safer phone is exploding, what are the chances the other so-called new Note 7 are also unsafe?

Does that mean another round of recalls to replace the supposedly better Note 7?

Hopefully, the man got bought his phone from an old stock of Note 7. Or the best case scenario for them is that the man was responsible for the phone exploding due to misuse.

In that case Samsung would have to push out some form of tips on how to use the Galaxy Note 7 safely. But I doubt Samsung would be so lucky to get off lightly.


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