A Boost In STEM Learning In Africa As Nigeria's CcHub Comes In Partnership

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A Boost In STEM Learning In Africa As Nigeria's CcHub Comes In Partnership
A Boost In STEM Learning In Africa As Nigeria’s CcHub Comes In Partnership

Through the ed-tech practice re:learn, Nigeria’s Co-Creation Hub (CcHub), have formed alliance with seven other European and African countries to bring an improvement to the participation of students in STEM subjects across Africa.

This initiative seeks to assist schools in using technology to upgrade learning through creation of content and capacity development. There is a present partnership with Go-Lab Goes Africa, a European Commission-funded collaborative project under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Funding Scheme. The purpose of this scheme increase the adoption of better learning environments and better learning results in science and technology.

This portal is carefully organized with reliable contents on science and technology for secondary schools supported by a viable community of teachers, and online laboratories which will be executed by a consortium of European and African partners in Education, Technology, and Teacher Training Networks across Africa.

“Despite the growing availability of technology resources in schools, there remains a disconnect between resources available and impact achieved, with reviews generally showing that input-based policies on their own are largely ineffective in increasing learning outcomes in the absence of complementary initiatives to improve accountability or pedagogy,” said ‘Bosun Tijani, chief executive officer (CEO) of CcHub.

“This can be linked to a lack of appropriate and engaging content to stimulate learning in STEM subjects, as well as appropriate know-how on the part of teachers. It is therefore important that we shift focus of our education systems from primarily input-based policy towards policies that focus on learning outcomes and this is what has got us excited about GO-GA.”

This project will commence by January and address these challenges by integrating the Go-Lab ecosystem into schools across Africa, GO-GA will be making available proper and tactical STEM contents for students in secondary scvhools by redesigning and confining the present Go-Lab portal. We will be building on teacher communities and equipping teachers to deliver excellent and captivating STEM education via the GO-GA inquiry space to achieve this wonderful goal set before us.