Mark in money

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You know, sometimes, there is need for some motivation in this world we’re in. But again, there are some kind of motivations which might lead you to hate yourself or even question how lucrative your ‘soft work’ and hustle is.

The intent of this post

The intent of this however, is to encourage you to put more and more efforts into whatever you might be doing presently, because my brothers and sisters, people are making money. People like Mark are really hitting it big.

Mark in money
Mark in money

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Mark’s Fortune

In just two weeks, while a whole lot of people have not even received their first month salary, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has already earned a fortune for himself. Please who said entrepreneurship was not the way?

According to very reliable reports, Mark has earned a sum of $4.7 billion in the first two weeks of 2017. This is largely more than some country’s Gross Domestic Product, could even double it. In naira, the sum amounts to N1,880,000,000,000. How much is Nigeria’s GDP again?

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Though presently, no single event was responsible for the immense growth, but links have been made to Facebook’s campaign to tackle fake news content online which made the Company share prices to hit an all-time high. Other reports hint at the fluctuations of the market.

I don’t know if you see it but I see Mark Zuckerberg on the list of the first three (3) richest people in the whole wide world by the end of this year. Now to the main crux of the matter and the main intent of this post.

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What have you been doing or planning to do about your hustle? Now, there is no doubt that people are making real money online – that is where the real cash is – contrary to other people’s believe. Would you choose to remain an employee always hoping on end of month salary or you’ll take a step to be your own boss today just like Mark. ITS YOUR CHOICE.