WhatsApp tips and tricks

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To say that WhatsApp is the most widely used chatting app is stating the obvious. Since Facebook acquired the software, the number of users has continued growing.

WhatsApp tips and tricks

These days a smartphone without WhatsApp is definitely a dead sentence on that smartphone. Ask Blackberry fans how they felt when WhatsApp decided to end support for Blackberry devices.

The Canadian phone makers had to find a way to keep the app on their devices. They found a work around. But by the beginning of next year, nobody knows for sure if WhatsApp would be be functional on Blackberry devices.

This is just to make the point that WhatsApp is king. And it is trite mentioning that knowing all the top trick and tips of using the app would be beneficial to you and your friends right?

So let’s get to it.

Tag people in WhatsApp group

WhatsApp tips and tricks
Tagging someone in WhatsApp group chat

Sometimes you might need to get the attention of someone in a group conversation especially if they had muted the conversation.

The magic symbol to use is the ‘@’ symbol.

When you type out ‘@’ symbol, the names of all the members in that group appears and you can scroll to select the person you need.

The whole process is elaborated excellently here.

Hide last seen message

WhatsApp tips and tricks
Hiding ‘Last seen’

Another of my favourite. It is a fine way to avoid replying some messages if you don’t want to (or to just hide in plain sight).

When you disable the last seen feature, your WhatsApp contacts would not be able to tell the last time you were on WhatsApp. And won’t be able to tell if you are online or not.

On your Android or iOS device, simply head to Settings > Account > Privacy>  Last seen. Then select ‘Nobody’ in the options.

It is only fair to mention that once you activate this feature, you won’t be able to see your contacts’ ‘Last seen’ notice too.

Disable the double ticks showing received and read messages

WhatsApp tips and tricks
Hiding Read receipts

To complete your WhatsApp privacy, you can also enable the feature that hides the fact that you got and read messages from your contacts.

With these feature enabled, those double ‘good‘ blue ticks indicating receipts of messages would disappear.

Meaning your contacts would never know if you saw their messages or not. That way you can reply to only messages you feel like responding to.

To do this, go to Settings > Account > Privacy and hit the ‘Read Receipts’ to the ‘off‘ position.

Know who you chat with the most on WhatsApp

WhatsApp tips and tricks
Checking Chat Stats

Perhaps you already know who you spent the most time with on WhatsApp. What about if you want to know who is second on the list? Or third, fourth and so on till the least?

To know how your chats rank, go to Settings > Account > Storage Usage. There you’d find the sum total of all messages. Then a list of chats arranged from the contacts you chatted with the most to the least.

This feature is only available to iOS devices only. I guess this is one reason to buy an Apple product!

How to mute messages

WhatsApp tips and tricks
Mute chats

Remember when belonging to some groups felt as if your life depended on it. After a while, you discover you don’t need that group that much anymore but at the same time you don’t want to exit the group.

You next best option is to mute the messages from that group. That way constant notifications from that group won’t be coming in to your phone. The incessant notifications can be annoying.

To do that is very easy.

Just open the group. Tap the name of the group at the top of the WhatsApp interface. There you would see ‘Mute’. Tap on it and select how long you want to mute function to be in effect.

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