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68 days and running

I can only imagine what life has been like for anglophone speaking Cameroonians since the internet was shut down after an occurrence of a protest.

According to the CNN, The shutdown has proved particularly damaging in the city of Buea, the capital of Southwest that has been lauded as Cameroon’s “Silicon Mountain,” where dozens of successful start-ups have been launched.

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It still beats me to fathom why a country would jeopardize its development by shutting down the internet, thereby pitting virtually all activities – economic or otherwise – to a halt. Startups wouldn’t run effectively, a lot other business wouldn’t be at their peak days, all of which damages the economy of the country further.

English-speaking regions of Cameroon have now been without the internet for more than a week after Anglophone teachers, lawyers and students went on strike over alleged bias in favour of Francophones.

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Today marks the sixty eighth (68) day since the authorities ordered the country’s telecommunications providers to shut off internet connections to the regions of Northwest and Southwest.

So the next step the government thought best to take was to shut down the internet because of a protest. It shows how much value Cameroonians, by extension, Africa, place on the internet.

Maybe there might have been other motives which we do not know that are behind the internet shutdown, but then, go matter what the motives are, sixty eight days is too much for not gaining access to the internet.

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The internet blackout came after the government outlawed at least two Anglophone groups – Southern Cameroons National Council and the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium – and arrested some of their leaders.

You can join the conversation on the social media using the hash tag #BringBackOurInternet.