get the best from Uber app

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When it come to finances, Uber is the news for the wrong reasons. The financial results from the last two quarters show that the tech firm is losing money. The loses are huge.

get the best from Uber app
Uber app

About $1.3 billion is the figure making the rounds. For a startup (yes, in the world of silicon Valley business, a company valued at about 70 billion dollars is still considered a startup) that amount is not sustainable.

The outlook for the cab riding app is bleak if the loses continue at the same rate. Never rule out an Uber burst. This is Silicon Valley after all and stranger things have happened before.

All the same, Uber is still undaunted in their business model. It is not as if a few dollars would stop them from expanding the company or accepting money from investors.

As a matter of fact more and more people are using Uber to get to their destinations around the world. If you are in an Uber-compliant city, you might want to take time out to enjoy a ride in one of their cabs.

I am assuming you already have the Uber app installed in your smartphone. These are they essentials things to do to get the best out of your Uber ride

1.Call for an Uber cab only when your are ready to leave

Some people make the mistake of ordering for an Uber cab the way they book for a hotel room. In advance. If you have the money to pay, it is okay to order for a cab ahead. Just know the cab would start charging you a few minutes after reaching our home.

So if you keep the cab waiting for a long time, just know you are been charged for the amount of time the driver is waiting for you to get ready; and you would be charged a cancellation fee if the driver is tired of waiting for you and cancels the trip

For those who don’t want to waste money like that, it is best to be ready before you actually order the cab so you can just hop in and begin the ride. No unnecessary extra charges for you.

Make sure your Uber ride is the one you ordered

get the best from Uber app
Uber app

When you hail an Uber ride, and a particular driver accepts to pick you up, the Uber app instantly displays the cab info on your smartphone.

To get the info, go to Set Pickup Location > Request Uber > Scroll down and then check white box to get model of car and other info like color of car and driver’s name

If all the details in your app doesn’t match the cab waiting for you outside, you better not get in because of the security implications. The driver on your doorstep could be just anybody.

Uber advice you note some important details about the cab and report to them using this link.

The SafetyNet feature in the app should be your pal

get the best from Uber app
Using Uber’s SafetyNet

You have now decided to get into the cab. To insure your safety and perhaps to keep all your loved ones happy, Uber has a feature known as SafetyNet.

It’s purpose is to alert your friends and family that you are now in an Uber cab. It is easy, just head to Uber > Settings > Manage Emergency Contacts > Update emergency contacts > Send Status to contacts. 

With this feature, loved ones know where you are at any particular time.


Avoid paying extra by using SurgeProtector

During rush hour, or for some reason, Uber cabs might be in very high demand. Increase in cost per trip are common in these periods. Uber app would notify you about the increase if you try to hail a cab.

To avoid paying more, installing an app like SurgeProtector would be a grand idea. The app can tell you what location to get Uber cabs at the normal fare.

So if you  don’t mind walking a bit before getting a cab, the app can come in handy in saving you a few bucks..

However if you don’t like the twin ideas of walking to get to a cheaper location and the fare hike, you can tell Uber to notify you when prices come back to normal in your location. That is assuming you are not in a hurry to get to your location.

Enjoy the ride with Spotify

get the best from Uber app
Enjoying Spotify with Uber

Not many people know Uber has a partnership with Spotify. Which means you don’t have to open Spotify to listen to music during the ride. You can do that straight from the Uber app.

While hailing a cab using Uber app, a music icon appears at the bottom of the app. Tapping the icon once would take you to your favorite songs in Spotify. You can now select which songs you want to listen to during the ride.

Having a Spotify account is of course necessary to be able to use this feature


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