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Perhaps, you’ve been using an Android phone for some years now and you rightly think there isn’t much you don’t know about Play store. Or not to be modest, you may think you know everything about how the largest online apps store works. But I grant you, you and about 95% of Android users don’t know anything about how to use Play store beyond search, download and install.

play store

Well, if you want to rise above the mundane when it comes to using Play store, this piece would show you some tricks you can use to dazzle your friends. OK, dazzle is a bit of a stretch, but to get the most out of Play store, these tips would help you in that direction. By the end, you would discover that these tips have always being right under your nose.

play storeApps Updates
OK, updating apps might sound common to most of us because most times, the individual apps push out notifications to our phones if there is a new update available. But you can set how you want these notifications for updates directly from Play store.

Open Play store. Go the the settings tap and check Auto update apps. This would automatically update the app for you. And if you don’t won’t to use your mobile data, you can set it to update the app only when you are using WiFi. That is one way of ensuring apps do not deplete your data without your say so.

Or you can also select Do not auto-update apps. This is for those who prefer updating apps manually. To see the apps that need updating, open My Apps and Games in Play Store. A list of all your apps would be shown. You can either chose to update them all at once or individually. Your choice.

Choose where your App stays
This is one feature I really dig about Google play store. You can select to have your app on the home screen, or if you are like me and don’t like having too many apps on your home screen, you can chose to have the apps in the apps drawer. Though it is very likely that this choice could be taken away from Android users soon. If the rumours are to be believed, Google would kill the apps drawer in the next update to its operating system, Android N.

Get your Money back
Not many people know about this feature. And it is one of my favorites in Play Store. If your download a paid app and later found out you didn’t like it (for one reason or the other) you can always return it and get your money back. There is a two hour time limit for this to apply to prevent abuse from people.

To get your money back, go the the app’s page on Play Store and tap return. The app would uninstall and after a while, your money would be returned to your account.

play store

Buy apps free
If you are confused about how it is possible to buy something free, it is okay. You are not alone. You can actually buy paid apps without using your own money on Play store. But first you need to load your play store account with free money.

This is how it is done: download and install an app called Google Opinion Rewards. The app taps into your search history, location and other variables to send online surveys to you. After completing the survey, you would be paid in Play store money right into your Play store account. The more surveys you do, the more Play store money you get. You can then use this money to buy premium paid apps on Google play.


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