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So, some weeks back, there were reports that made us aware that popular artiste and music record label boss, Don Jazzy has invested in something techie. This he did by investing in in the provision of free WiFi at some certain locations in the city of Lagos.

While many might be quick to dismiss this move as ‘not a viable investment’, I really see it as a very viable one especially given how rapidly technology is growing and how impressive people’s awareness about it have become.

Investing in technology is a sector worth every penny of your money, because if it is done right, then you can be 101% sure of a mouth watering return on investment in a short time. This could be as a factor of the accessibility to a very large audience and many other factors like that.

So, believe me when I tell you that, even if we do not know how big daddy Don Jazzy intends to get Returns on his investment, there are actually a whole lot of ways he could do it, three of which I’ll be listing for you here. Just stay with me.

Don Jazzy
Don jazzy

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1. Through Ads

The fact that the WiFi is free would make it a hotshot and like the most wanted WiFi network in Lagos. You’ve just got to believe the fact that Nigerian loves absolute free things “awoof”. But then, there is no such thing as a free meal, right?

There is every possibility that once you connect to this WiFi network at any of the locations, you would most likely be disturbed with ads on the network. If this happens, which we are not sure it will, I wouldn’t blame the investors as they must have spent a lot to install the network.

So it’d only be reasonable on their part to inculcate ads on the network while it’d be fair on our part to keep up and tolerate the ads. C’mon its free after all.

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2. Locations might pay ‘rents’

Well, another way through which the Don might be getting his invested funds back might be through the locations where the WiFi network is located paying him a sort of rent for installing the WiFi at their location.

One needs not to be told that with this, patronage of these locations are expected to constantly be on the increase. You can even imagine if they succeeded with the plan to increase the price of data. People would surely flood the locations, even now.

So I still think it would be an absolute good deal for the management of these locations if they agree to pay ‘rent’, as patronage would equally be on the rise too.


3. Through Sponsors.

What every company wants is access to a larger number of people, or rather, a large number of potential customers. Every company wants to meet new customers every blessed day and keep increasing their customer base. I think the feeling is natural and normal for any business owner.

The fact that this WiFi network comes on a free basis could also mean it would have a pool of audience at its disposal. Certain companies can take full advantage of this and try to get across to these users. But then, it still depends on the kind of company – a media company would most likely come across potential customers here than a manufacturing company.

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So let’s assume a company decides to be a sponsor, it certainly does not take more than one deal and agreement of both parties on price to be paid to make Don Jazzy richer. The only problem with this is that there would surely be too many terms and conditions. But again, who cares? As long as it adds much more money to Don Jazzy’s pockets.

So you see? There are loads of opportunities in tech. You just have to find the very right one for you. Opportunities in technology does not disappoint when it comes to getting you you return on investments. Try it, and you’ll say I said so.

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