facebook page less annoying

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How is your relationship status with your Facebook page? For many, it is simply a ‘sometimes love, and sometimes hate’ affair. All because we can’t control everything that appears on our news feed. For instance those annoying photo tags some misguided friend decided you should be part of. What about the targeted adverts from Facebook? Sometimes I feel like punching  something when I see what I consider thrash clogging up my news feed.

facebook page less annoying
                                                                                                                      photo: youtube.com

Fortunately, there are some easy ways and means of making our Facebook page less annoying.

Facebook Videos
Recently, the Facebook team decided they wanted to be the new YouTube. So they went ahead to revamp facebook videos to play automatically when you scroll pass them. This happens mostly for those using PCs and smartphones only.

facebook page less annoying
                         photo: mobilegeeks.com

These videos are so annoying. They interrupt our work and besides they consume a lot of data. The solution is to turn off auto-play and it is very simple. For those on PC, all you need to do is to head to your Facebook profile. Navigate to the downward pointing arrow at the top right corner and click it. Then select ‘settings.’ Go the bottom of the left column and click ‘videos‘. Then move to ‘Autoplay videos‘ and tick ‘off.

For those using the Facebook Android app, it is also easy to tweak your settings to turn off videos. In the Facebook UI, tap the three horizontal lines top left, scroll down to ‘App settings‘ and then tap ‘Autoplay.‘ You are then presented with 3 options how you want the videos to behave. You can set it to play
on mobile data and WiFi connections
-on WiFi only and
-never Auto-play videos

Of course the third option is why we are doing this. So tap on that and you are free from those annoying videos playing automatically on your smartphone.

For more ways to stop apps from using up your data without your say so, head over here to see how it is done.

facebool less annoying
                                      photo: iosdoc.com

Notifications from installed apps
That’s another annoying feature in Facebook. Notification from apps can even come from apps that you’d forgotten about because you installed them a long time ago. Turning off these notifications are also very easy. Just like in how to turn off ‘autoplay‘ for videos, go to your profile and head to ‘Settings‘ and in the panel on the left, click ‘Apps.’ Clicking that would show you all the apps you ever installed.

Next, just move the pointer to hover over the app and click the pencil icon that appears. You can now edit the apps settings. So click on ‘No’ to indicate you don’t want anymore notifications. You can also edit other fields to make sure the app stops getting information about you.

To delete the app, hover the pointer above the app and click ‘X’. But all previous information the app has about you won’t be deleted. The good thing is, it won’t collect anymore info about your Facebook activities.

Annoying News feeds and posts
Some friends post dozens of stuff on Facebook. Unfortunately they all tend to appear on our news feed. Some of these can be pages about political groups or religious organizations etc. The best and easiest way to solve this is to block that friend. But since we can’t block some friends, a simple work around is to unfollow them.

To unfollow friends without unfriending them, click the downward arrow at the top right hand corner of the post and select ‘Unfollow.’ You’ll no longer see posts from this friend on your news feed. If you have a bunch of friends you need to re-follow later, you can do this by going to your profile, click the arrow at the top right hand corner and selecting ‘News feed preferences.‘ Then chose ‘Reconnect with people you unfollowed.‘ Tick those you want to re-follow then click ‘Done.’

But you can just hide that kind of post from appearing on your news feed by clicking on ‘Hide all from.’

These simple steps can notch up your Facebook hate-love affair in favor of the love side of the scale.