top android launchers

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When I first bought my an Android device several years ago , the first thing I did was to change the phone’s launcher. I mean, what is the point of having an Android device if you can’t exploit the limit of customization. After all, that is one of the biggest selling points of Android: the fact that you can customize the whole device as much you as possible if you know how.

top android launchers
Top Android launchers

Well my first launcher was the Next launcher. I liked it because it is rather complicated. So only a few people really get to use it. But once you mastered it, it is hard to switch to another launcher.

That is the thing about customizable launchers. They become like your identity; your name. Launchers are the first thing people see when they switch on your phone, that is why it is a grand thing to be able to tweak them to suit individual tastes.

But not everybody can use a launcher like Next. There are hundred of others and it can be difficult to pick one from so many.

Here are three awesome launchers you can use if you feel like changing how your phone looks.

Action Launcher 3.

top android launchers
Action Launcher 3

For many aficionados of all things launchers, Action Launcher 3 is the best launcher for any Android device.

I guess if I have to switch to a new launcher, this is the one I would opt for; for the simple reason that it brings several Nougat and Pixel-looking features to your Android phone.

Like any good launcher, it has numerous options for customization; that is apart from making your phone look like Google’s brand new Pixel phone that is currently the rave of the moment.

Some features of Action Launcher 3 include customizations that would give you Nougat-like short cut for apps buttons, round icons and the sort of folder design obtainable in Pixel handsets.

If you want to enjoy this launcher fully, you would need to pay just $5 dollars. That is not a lot to pay to enjoy this awesome launcher. The free, basic version is awesome though.

Nova Launcher

top android launchers
Nova Launcher

This launcher has being around for so long some people think it is a default Android launcher.

It is not by a long shot. Thing is, the developers of this launcher are constantly on top of their game and keep upgrading the app with the latest features.

Like any good launcher, the app is customizable for almost all aspects of the phone. It is so good that the developers are confident people would pay $5 to buy the premium version of the launcher. I think they are right in that respect.

One of the features of Nova is that swiping up can do any of these things

  1. It can launch a chosen action
  2. It is able to open an app
  3. A shortcut can be launched

Arrow Launcher

top android launchers
Arrow Launcher

Though Microsoft have their own OS, their Garage Team thought it would be a nice thing to bring the windows feeling to Android devices.

The Arrow Launcher is all about Windows-styled themes. So for those who love all things Windows but are unable to buy a Windows handset, Arrow launcher is the app for your phone.

Unlike Nova and Action launchers, Arrow is all about anticipating your needs as a user of a high-end device.

It is very easy to think some sort of artificial intelligence is embedded in the launcher with its attempt to anticipate what you want.

In the first place, Arrow compartmentalize your home screen into four sections: documents and reminder; recent; apps; and people.

For each of these sections, the launcher works in the background to suggest services and apps you may need.

Though you can reject the launcher’s suggestion and customize it the way you want, the philosophy behind the launcher is that with time, as you use the launcher often, it would learn all your phone habits and be able to predict what you need with a higher degree of accuracy

If you love working with documents, this might just be your best bet. As a Microsoft service, the document section of the home screen would display all the recent files your worked on through OneDrive.

Which means you must have a OneDrive account for these feature to work.

Of course, there are many other launchers out there which are just as good. Most times, it is all about what is most compatible with your device and your preferences.

So if your launcher is not on the list, why not add yours in the comment section and tell us why you like it.


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