2017 Ford Fusion

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Ford picked the Consumer Electronics Show to announce the on-going tests on the self driving car in snowy conditions. For the Detroit Auto show, they are unveiling a car (it is actually four cars) that has being fully tested and ready to be deployed. Ford is talking about the 2017 Ford fusion.

2017 Ford Fusion
                                                                                                                                                                                photo: autoweek.com

When a new version of an already existing model is announced, the first thought is, is this new model better than the first? The old model becomes the benchmark. So it is with the 2017 Ford Fusion. So is the 2017 Ford fusion better than the last model that started it in 2013? A few styling updates, some new equipments, and some minor trimmings are what the public gets in the new versions. At least physically.

2017 Ford Fusion

The Fusion line comes five variants. These are the V6 sport, a Platinum model, a hybrid, another hybrid known as Energi and a regular sedan model. The V6 sports model is a four wheel drive with a twin turbo 2.7 liter V6 EcoBoost engine delivering about 325 horse power through the car. This makes the V6 sport the most powerful among the five cars.

The two hybrids have being integrated with compatible software aimed at making the driving experience smoother, fuel and energy efficient while also giving the driver a refined sophisticated experience behind the wheels. The bottmline of course for all hybrids is how far the car can go on battery power. How long it takes to charge the batteries. And the combined distance it can cover on fuel and battery power.

2017 Ford Fusion
Ford Fusion Energi charging                                        Photo: greencarreports.com

According to Ford, the hybrids’ electric cars were more efficiently designed to maximise and fully utilize the energy in the batteries. But the raw numbers are nothing revolutionary. On Electric power, the cars can cover a distance of about 31 km and it takes about two and a half hours to fully recharge the batteries. The combined range, on fuel and battery power, is about 805 km. That is very impressive distance on a single full tank I must admit.

As for the Platinum, this is what autoweek had to say a about the car last year,

“…..it’s essentially a substantial mid-cycle refresh of one of Ford’s best-selling models, intended to improve everything without messing with the successful base formula……….the Explorer Platinum aims for customers who simply “want everything” in a simple, prepackaged model; according to Ford, there are quite a few of those buyers ripe for the picking.”

This is 2016 of course, so we’ve come to expect new cars to come packed with the latest technology has to offer in the auto world. The 2017 Ford fusion line followed the trend here. First of, it has a pedestrian detection system to warn drivers if they get too close to pedestrians. Towing the system of the 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class, the car’s can be partially autonomous if the driver can’t be bothered with the stress of parking the car. There is also the lane-keeping assist, a software that ensures the car stays on its lane. This is very useful in accident prevention on freeways.

2017 Ford Fusion
                                                                                                                                                  photo: ford.com

To also assist the driver in monitoring traffic, the car is fitted with a blind-spot info system and a cross-traffic alert to warn the driver about traffic situation at a T-Junction.

The Ford fusion hybrid starts at about $26000 while at the top end, the Platinum hybrid would start selling at about $38000. The Energi would be sold at around $34000 while the Platinum Energi would be the costliest of all. About $42000 would get you one.