2017 E-class

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We at Techproducts start the review of the cars that would thrill auto addicts at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), also known as the Detroit Auto show, with a look at the 2017 Mercedes Benz E class.

2017 E-class
photo: autoweek.com

The Mercedes Benz E-Class has being waiting in the wings for quite a long time that keen watchers of the auto industry already feel a close affinity to it. The media campaign for this car was long. Sneak peaks were also extensive; but finally, the car was unveiled at the NAIAS.

How far can an iconic brand like Mercedes go to redesign a new car? Or to put the question in another way, can a conservative auto company like Mercedes be radical enough in its design of a new car? With the 2017 E-Class, the answer it seems is ‘no’.

At the unveiling of the car at NAIAS, what the public saw was a car that looked like a smaller version of Mercedes’ flagship models, the S-Class. Or if you are the ‘bottle half full sort of person’, a big version of Mercedes C-Class. However, in whatever camp you are, you got to admit that the 2017 E-Class, though an upgrade on its predecessors, shares several design traits with them.

The overall physical design of the car is a throwback to the previous models in many aspects. Take your pick, is it the front bumper? Or the iconic grille? Although similar, a careful look shows that the current model’s design is more aggressive, more compact and at the same time simpler in design.

The interior of the 2017 E-Class is the place to look at if you need to see what makes it different from the earlier models of the car. Adopting the interior design of the S-class, the inside is more comfortable and cozy because all sharp edges have being eliminated in favour of organically smoother, flowing lines.

2017 E-Class
photo: autoweek.com

The technology features of the 2017 E-Class is what actually sets it apart from its predecessors and most other cars in the Mercedes range of cars. Some of the the features are so ground-breaking they are not even available in the S-class yet. Some of these features are partial autonomous driving including a driver-supervised autonomous parking, using your smartphone as car key, pedestrians-avoidance auto-breaking system, and a steering technology that aids the driver in emergencies. Also in the event the car is about to be hit on the side, a system of bolsters in front of the car can inflate to move the occupants more than two inches away from that side of the car.

And for the 2017 E-Class, another first in the technology front is the integration of a car-to-X communication system that would be able to report problems like accidents, bad weather, problems on the road etc, to a central computer system. The central computer system can then warn other motorists about these problems. But all the cars must be fitted with compatible systems to benefit from these service.

The 2017 E-Class is fitted with a 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine that can generate up to 241 horse power. Through the 9-speed automatic transmission, power can be transmitted to the rear or all the wheels of the car. The use of extensive aluminum and high-strength steel throughout the car, made it lighter than the previous model. The immediate effect of this is that the car accelerates considerably faster.

The German automakers are yet to release the pricing details of this car.