Tiguan GTE Active Concept

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The Tiguan GTE Active Concept unveiled by German auto giant Volkswagen at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show is clearly Volkswagen meeting the demands of environmentally fussy folks who want eco-friendly cars. Though the car is called a concept vehicle, it is more a prototype of what to expect in 2017 when the car hits US showrooms next year.

Tiguan GTE Active Concept
                                                                                                                                                               photo: autoweek.com

A vehicle with the rugged design of the  Tiguan GTE Active Concept is always hyped as a car that dominates its terrain and tramples anything that stands in its way. The GTE Active Concept is all that and much more. It combines the ruggedness of an all-terrain truck with the efficiency of a small sedan and the luxury of top-notch flagship models.

As an all wheel drive for all kinds of terrain, the engine is what the Tiguan GTE Active Concept car should be about. First of, as an eco-compliant vehicle, it is a hybrid Motor vehicle able to run on both battery power and conventional power using fossil fuels.

Tiguana GTE Active concept
                                                                                                                                                                                           photo: inautonews.com

Under the hood, the turbo-charged gasoline engine can generate up to 148 horsepower. Coupled to an electric motor capable of 168 horsepower ( delivering 54 hp to the front wheels and 114 hp to the rear wheels), what you get is over 221 hp powering through the car. What this does to speed and acceleration can be summarised thus: 96km/h in 6.4 seconds attaining a maximum speed of 193 km/h. In the electric only mode, the vehicle can attain a maximum speed of 113 km/h.

The GTE Active has a six-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox specially designed for a hybrid. Which include specially designing the transmission casing to accommodate the front electric motor for efficiciency. Running on battery power alone, the electric motor can cover a distance of 32 km on its rechargeable li-ion battery pack. Combined with a full tank of fuel, the Tiguan GTE Active Concept can travel a total of over 930 km.

Like any good all terrain vehicle, the Tiguan GTE Active Concept gives the driver the choice of seamlessly migrating from all wheel drive (AWD), to front wheel drive ( FWD), or rear wheel drive (RWD) depending on the terrain and the prevailing road situation.

Tiguana GTE Active concept
                                  photo: mashable.com

Inside the cabin, the Tiguan GTE Active Concept is fitted with the latest gadgets befitting a concept car. For instance, the GTE Active Concept comes with the benefit of Volkswagen’s latest modular infotainment (MIB) platform complete with a 9.2 inch touchscreen. There is also gesture controls and noticeable absence of knobs and buttons in favour of an all-touch control system.

In the coming months, more details of the GTE Active Concept would be revealed, but the Euro-based auto maker have already confirmed that a long-wheelbase, 7-seat version of the would be vehicle designed specifically for the markets in North America and China. This car, targeted for the US and Chinese markets, is expected to hit the showrooms next year.

For more official details and some tech specs of the vehicle, you can check out the press release by Volkswagen announcing the the arrival of the Tiguan GTE Active Concept at the Detroit Auto show.