frankfurt motor show

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The The Frankfurt Motor Show, the biggest motor Fiesta on the planet is now upon us. Manufacturers are ready to unleash a bevy of new cars to an eager public. Car dealers would be watching eagerly to see  which of the cars generates enough buzz, so they can start designing their sales pitch for the most loved cars on display.

frankfurt motor show


The question on the minds of the public would be, ‘would this year’s show raise the bar again?’ But for car enthusiasts, that is a wrong way to look at it, the key questions include if include individual manufacturers would live up to expectation. Frankfurt is just a platform. The car makers make it tick or flop.

frankfurt motor showThe marriage of car design and technology continues heavily with the cars expected to be showcased at the Frankfurt show. Take Alfa Romeo’s Giula for instance, the car the company is hoping to rival the BMW 3 series while at the same time hoping the radical design of the car would lead the charge in rebuilding the company as a serious player in the auto industry again.

If the Giula is meant to revive an almost comatose Alfa Romeo, the BX 7’s job description seems even more daunting. It is tasked with the job of practically raising frankfurt motor showBorgward from the grave. After over half a century of absence, Borgward is using the motor show to announce its presence back in the auto world. The car tasked with the job is the beautifully designed BX 7. The first battle front for Borgward and the BX7 is the Asian market where it is hoped the large appetite for Europeans cars will be healthy for the company’s survival this time around

For VW, Audi is at the Frankfurt event to solidify it’s frankfurt motor showposition as a serious player in the industry. The Audi A4, the fifth car in the series, shows little external design change but a lot of interior makeover to please drivers and passengers. While with the Bentayga, Bentley is also taking up the amble space theme by launching its first luxury SUV. Bentley expects the Bentayga, like all its other cars, to compete at the pinnacle of the SUV food chain. So nothing was too small to make this car a truly luxurious driving experience.

Talking about leaving nothing to chance to make an impression, BMW took this to another level with franfurt motor showtheir plan to exhibit at least 4 different new models. The flagship 7 series is at the vanguard of the company’s exhibition in Frankfurt. The other 3 models, BMW X1 and the hybrid 330e and 225xe won’t just be there to make up the numbers, consumers will be really eager to see how the hybrid cars manage to integrate a hefty battery into the rather compact cars

There is plenty of expectations around the BMW X1’s higher ground clearance that gives it the look of a small sized SUV. But then, there is also an actual 4×4 variant of this car. BMW really covered all their bases.

Concept cars are not left out too. Bugatti takes the lead here. Bringing the virtual world of car racing to a frankfurt motor showsteel packaged reality with the Vision Gran Turismo concept car. The Bugatti Vision Grand Turismo concept car is high on futuristic designs and at the same time rich in the illustrious past of the Bugatti. Vision Grand Turismo lovers will see a version of their next speedster and an inkling into how Bugatti’s future cars would look like.

Talking speed, look no further than the Ferrari 458 spider. This car is built for speed. Everything from the design concept to the final product was  made to maximize speed and and acceleration. Heavily adapting all sorts of hi-tech to suit it’s typically low-slung chassis, the Ferrari stand will be one crowded area.

Frankfurt motor how

Like most of the turbocharged cars at the show, the excitement building up to the public viewing of the show is supercharged. The doors would be thrown open on the 17th. Here is wishing all visitors a blazing turbocharged 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.