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In the world of technology, 2015 is not yet over but it can be successfully marked as an highly successful business year. This year has featured some of the cool stuffs we can ever see in technology, awesome games, spectacular apps and breath-taking operating systems (from the Android Lollipop updates, iOS 9, Android Marshmallow to infinity), not to forget the introduction of new brands, lines and technologies of smartphones. We can’t just get enough of this year already and just wish next year comes with a buzz more than this too.

Given the large success recorded in this year, gaming hasn’t been left out as previously stated above. Although the iOS would always rank higher than the Android when it comes to the quality and feel of games on them, the Android platform also enjoyed a spectacular year that saw new games reeled out one after the other, some improvement and some new entries into the app market. Brought to you today is the list, in tens, of the best 100 games that came out this year. Feel free to download these games yourself and see for yourself why they have made the list.

[Note : Some of the apps here are paid games from the Play Store. In case you wish t get them without paying, you would need to make use of third party services]

1. Shadow Fight 2

Having already recorded huge success on the first installment of the game, Shadow Fight, this upgrade was made and it is even way cooler than its predecessor. Offering a new and better fighting interface, this improved app makes sure you get your enemies with as much sword slashes as you can manage and the adventure increases with the upgrade of the worlds present to a total number of six. You are sure never to get bored on this one.

2. Dead Trigger 2

You hate zombies? I do too. This game gives you the chance to exorcise your zombie fears and kill as much of them as you can. The game developers had felt you didn’t kill enough with the first installment of the game. Do more now!

3. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat offers you the chance to create your own team, squad with friend etc and then achieve loads of possibilities with the newest installment to the shooter game. This one requires an internet connection to play though which might be the only glitch, being unable to play wherever there is no internet connection.

4. Galaxy on Fire 2

From Fishlabs, it is the second installment in the Galaxy on Fire list. The game allows you to simulate space wars and trading and with a beautiful scene layout too. Running 3D Graphics, you’re required to save the galaxy from aliens who mean no good for it at all. It boils down to you.

5. NOVA 3

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, conveniently known as NOVA, is a Gameloft initiative and has satisfied the android world so much that they keep asking for more. Well, more is here. With NOVA 3, humanity has returned to earth from its exile. You are not left to do battle through 10 levels across the galaxy. Good luck on that.

6. Into The Dead

The day you dreaded the most is here. Zombies, those creatures that fail to die, have taken over the earth and you have managed to stay alive. They are constantly closing in on you. This begs the question. How much longer can you stay alive? Install this game and find out.

7. Colossatron

Colossatron takes a deviation from the type of action-packed mobile game you were used to. You were normally the good guy, looking for the bad guy to end him and his menaces. Now, for once, you get to be the bad guy too. How much of a bad guy are you? Show Colossatron.

8. Blitz Brigade

How about being a bully for a while, eh? One of the world’s best multiplayer games allows you to build your own squad – the Blitz Brigade – and team them up with other players. Your team can now proceed to beat enemies into a pulp and then call them silly and bad names.

9. Call of Duty : Strike Team

A game that has both first and third person capabilities built into it, you should fasten your seatbelt as you take a ride in this awesome world of action gaming.
The US has found itself in a war with some unknown entities in the nearest future (year 2020). You are to join a special task force unit to track those behind the war. Save the US.

10. Tomb Raider

Taking on the lost city of Atlantis and the pyramids of Egypt, this game offers you combat lethal predators, original gameplay, epic exploration and some acrobatic skills in the mix. You are sure to love this enchanting adventure game.

That is it for today. First 10. The list looks beautiful already. Wait till you see the others.