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Apple watch was announced by Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO on September 9, 2014 and became available for sale in April 2014. Apple has since then changed the way we see Wrist Watches, and the competition for the top tech companies has just got more tensed. With Samsung releasing a short teaser video of what to expect from the new Samsung Gear S2 on its YouTube Channel , it just shows that Smart Watches is the next thing in the tech world.

Take a look at the features of the two best Smart watches out there:


Apple Watch

To make the best use of its size and location on your wrist, Apple Watch has all-new interactions and technologies. They let you do familiar things more quickly and conveniently. As well as some things that simply weren’t possible before. So using it is a whole new experience. One that’s more personal than ever.

High-quality watches have long been defined by their ability to keep unfailingly accurate time, and AppleWatch is no exception. In conjunction with your iPhone, it keeps time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard. It even lets you customize your watch face to present time in a more meaningful, personal context that’s relevant to your life and schedule.

Apple Watch makes all the ways you’re used to communicating more convenient. And because it sits right on your wrist, it can add a physical dimension to alerts and notifications. For example, you’ll feel a gentle tap with each incoming message. Apple Watch also lets you connect with your favourite people in fun, spontaneous ways — like sending a tap, a sketch, or even your heartbeat.

Apple Watch gives you a complete picture of your all-day activity. The three rings of the Activity app show your daily progress and help motivate you to sit less, move more, and get some exercise. It’s also an advanced sports watch, giving you real-time stats for a variety of the most popular workouts. Over time, Apple Watch learns your activity and fitness levels. It uses that information to improve the accuracy of your measurements and suggest personalized all-day activity goals. It even provides custom reminders to encourage you to achieve them.



Samsung Smart Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2 allows you to make and receive calls and also enables you to receive instant notifications from your phone and apps plus a variety of 3rd party apps which you can view clearly on a sAMOLED screen.

With the built-in camera, Gear 2 equips you to easily capture and record day to day moments as they happen with its FHD stillshot and 720p video recording.

Samsung Gear 2 provides personalized real-time information on the progress and results of your workout by deploying the device’s optical heart rate sensor. Personalized and adaptive next workout recommendation will help you to exercise according to your individual needs.

Gear 2’s Standalone Music Player connects with Bluetooth headsets to bring musical enjoyment to your fitness routines without the need to carry around a smartphone.

Samsung Gear 2 is resistant to dust and water which is IP67 certified so that you don’t have to feel limited by rough conditions or unpredictable weather.

Samsung Gear 2 acts as a remote control as the WatchON Remote with its IrLED sensor equips you with more control over your TV and Set-Top Boxes.

With these features of smart watches, shouldn’t you be thinking of getting one?




  1. Well, for this kinds of gadgets they’re handy and flexible, easy to use. However, one finds it uneasy to use for making or receiving calls.

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