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“We Welcome All Switchers” – Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook

Apple recently announced its results for its fiscal fourth quarter – precisely yesterday. With 45.4 million units sold, the company is slightly below last year’s number of 48.04 million phones sold in Q4, but still topped Wall Street analysts’ expectations of 44.8 million.

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Well, one cannot but imagine the boost in sales the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle must have caused Apple. It is no more news that the Note 7 manufactured by direct competitors, Samsung, has been recalled twice and eventually stopped due to the various explosions customers encountered during its usage. Some Apple iPhone units have also exploded but received not much media attention as their Samsung counterpart.

Remains of the iPhone 7

Remains of the iPhone 7

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A survey was carried out in the smartphone industry, and amongst Samsung loyalists, and results opined that a large percentage of customers won’t be patronizing Samsung manufactured smart phones again. If this survey hold credibility, then it is safe to say a large number of those who lost faith in Samsung would be moving to Apple, some maybe to Google.

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Samsung customers might switch to apple

Samsung customers might switch to apple

Apple also recognises the above thesis which led CEO Tim Cook to say that, the Note 7 ordeal has most probably resulted in a boost of sales for the iPhones, though, he didn’t linger or gloat with the statement. All he mentioned was that the opportunity presented by the Samsung incident is hard to estimate, but Apple is happy to welcome all the switchers.

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO

Also in a report call, Cook outlined that Apple Pay transactions have grown 500% thanks to international growth of the servicelocations, and that Apple will be looking forward to delving into the IoT and smarthome solutions.

According to him, demand for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus still far outweighs the supply, and the company’s current focus is to catch up. Whether that’s going to happen soon is anyone’s guess, but if the past has taught us anything, it’s that it may take a couple of months.

Well, I think it is Apple’s time and period to shine and they seem to be making perfect use of the opportunity. They’ve actually won a number of Samsung customers to their side, and the latter might not be able to win them back except an Apple’s version of the Note 7 takes place.

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