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VERY BAD: TrueCaller Shares Your Phone’s Activity

No one jokes with the issue of security, nor does anyone take it for granted. But when companies like Apple are getting threatened by hackers who claim to have the personal data of their users, I so think we have a lot to worry about. Just that this time, it’s not about Apple.

According to very viable claims, the popular call application Truecaller, reveals the last time your phone was used to your contacts. For instance, you can view the “Last Seen” time of any contact that also has Truecaller installed. Please note that it is not the last time you used the app itself like WhatsApp, but your actual device.

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This is not to also think of the fact that this notification is actually done without the knowledge of the party involved.

The fact is no one likes to feel being stalked or spied upon. Everyone wants and has a right to their total privacy, but Truecaller isn’t respecting that. If you don’t like other people having access to this information, you can either delete the, which might not even be an option for some people given how useful it is, or you can stop the application from running in the background.


For iPhone, go to Settings and then General, select “Background App Refresh” and look for TrueCaller. Then, simply turn off the green-colored switch.

For Android, go to the Apps menu in Settings, select True Caller and tap “Data usage.” Then, tap the three-dot menu button, select “Restrict Background Data,” and confirm.


Truecaller was developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, a privately held company in Stockholm, Sweden founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in 2009.

It was initially launched on BlackBerry 1 July 2009. After good response of users it launched for Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile. It was released for Android and Apple iPhone on 23 September 2009, for RIM Blackberry on 27 February 2012, for Windows Phone on 1 March 2012, and for Nokia Series 40 on 3 September 2012.

As of September 2012 Truecaller had five million users performing 120 million searches of the telephone number database every month. As of 22 January 2013 Truecaller reached 10 million users. As of December 2014 Truecaller had reached 100 million users worldwide. – Wikipedia

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