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Three(3) Reasons You Should Shop Online (E-Commerce), Rather Than Offline

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So there are different kinds of shopping, as you can choose to shop online or you can decide to burst up your head in the very hot African sun looking for what is not lost. One cannot surely underestimate the advantages we are been availed with through the advent of technology. It is now possible to just shop in your room without stepping out just with the use of your smartphone. I still don’t know why a lot of people are still found in the physical market, maybe because there are not enough Ecommerce platforms or because a large chunk of the populace are not tech savvy enough to know that there is a better way of shopping. What do you think might be the problem?

E-commerce in Nigeria

E-commerce in Nigeria

Well, while you’re still battling the question about what the problem might be, I want to battle too and give you some reasons why shopping online is a far better option than doing the same activity in an offline mode. Maybe after this reading this post, you would appreciate the very important effects tech has in our lives, and have a change of mentality and the way you shop generally, giving important credence to tech. Just stay with me as I move on.

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  1. Eliminates Stress

If I were to describe a typical African market, I would refer to it as the most stressful place to be in every country in the continent. Do I need to start describing hoe choked up the market always is, or the hot scorching sun that has no pity on your skin, or even the very long distances you would have to walk. Very horrible experience, to be candid.

Well, all thanks to E-commerce, you need not go through all these stress anymore and right from the comfort of your room, you would only need to use your fingers, scroll through any E-commerce website, order for a good or product, and get it delivered to your address. Simpler than you can imagine. Who says tech isn’t bae? You can now order online goods ranging from electronics, smartphones, foodstuffs, groceries, clothes and many more.

  1. Saves time

Are you a very busy parent or individual? Even if you’re not, do you need quality time for  yourself or to spend with others, then my friend, E-commerce might just be your surest bet as you cannot afford to spend this time walking through the market on weekends after you have spent the whole week working and you evidently need some free time. And as it is said also, ‘Time is money’.

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  1. Relatively Cheaper goods

I don’t know about you but I compared a few goods sold offline and online, and I discovered that the ones displayed online are relatively cheaper than their offline counterpart. This might be as a result of the fact that those who sell offline tend to add more to their prices to cover up for transport fees and stress incurred while online sellers have a stationary warehouse where all their goods are stored, which would reduce added costs of transport fees and stress. The only thing added would be the delivery fees which would surely be the exact value of your time. Please tell me why you shouldn’t start shopping online.



Well, I have now made my points, while it is left for you to use your discretion to decide on the best option. One limitation of E-commerce presently, might be the fact that you don’t get to see the good you are ordering for (just pictures of course), though this has been catered for by the ‘pay on delivery’ option, even if some E-commerce platforms have their reservations about this feature.

But when limitations and advantages are weighed, I’m sure you would come to a conclusion that E-commerce is the best thing that might have happened to retail or wholesale. Platforms like Alibaba, Jumia, Konga, Supermart, Hellofood are breaking grounds and making life easier for customers.

Let me leave you with words from Co-founder of, Raphael Afaedor, who says that “What we need to do is be smart with business so we do not lose money while trying to build an economy around retail online. A couple of years from now, I don’t know what percentage of people will be online but certainly more and more people will be shopping online.”

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