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There Are 1001 Kinds Of Startups You Can Build: Here Are Eight (8)

YES! There are even more than a thousand kinds of startup you can build or venture in, because to me, as far as technology is concerned, we have just seen the very tip of the iceberg. There is still a lot more to come, and it is only for the intelligent and creative to figure out.

While we have listed eight (8) kinds of startup you can venture into, we do not also expect you to rush launching into one without doing your due diligence. We assume you know that every startup needs a stint of creativity to succeed. Taking another dimension and touching places the previous ones never did gives an upper hand.

Stay with me as I bring to you the different kinds of startups you can build.

An E-commerce startup

Well, this might be the most popular kind of startup you can find in this side of the world. With E-commerce platforms like Jumia, Konga, Obeezi, Supermart and their likes, there is surely no doubt that it is a very lucrative industry, Just that you might need more than the capital you currently have.

On another note, you can also choose to follow the steps of SuperMart where all you worry about is pick-up and delivery (at the right time) for customers (on your platform). This one might not require too much of capital.

A Fin-tech startup

A lot of players have also ventured into this kind of startup. Players like the Paga, VoguePay, SimplePay, Interswitch e.t.c. So if you want to provide a more secure way that financial transactions are carried out, and you will be able to convince everyone that yours is really more secure than others, then this might just be the way to go.

One that brings service providers and customers together

Just like Kangpe 24/7 which brings Doctors and patients together, or Jiji which brings sellers and buyers together, or Jobberman which brings Job seekers and employers together, you too can create a platform which brings service providers and customers together. Just take your time and do your research on a service that is difficult to access by the customers and you’ve gotten your smoking gun.

A Tech media startup

I had to put the ‘tech’ there so you won’t think I’m saying you should open a newspaper printing startup. When I see the likes of RED MEDIA or CABAL MEDIA doing big things, then I realize that a Tech media startup is also a way to consider. Please don’t get me wrong, it is not limited to Tech only, as other niches like Entertainment, sports are very great.

Artificial intelligence startup

An artificial intelligence helps people do things very easily, please tell me who doesn’t want that. Just find the right things people need help with and launch.

A ‘Link’ startup

With this kind of startup, you serve as a ‘link’ between a service provider and a customer. You don’t bring the provider to your platform, just the service and the customer. I’d classify startups like, under this kind. Just like a similar one to this, find a service that is difficult to access and make it easier with your platform.

A Tech-investment startup

Do you know you can secure funding to fund startups? Ask SPARK. Spark has been known to invest in startups like,, and has also been known to secure investments from a different company. So dear, you can create a startup that invest in other startups. A piece of advice: just make the right investments.

An Internet solutions startup

Some time back, Don Jazzy invested in Flobyt, providing free Wi-Fi for people at certain locations in Lagos. We had also listed some ways in which Don Jazzy might be making money from that investment too. Everybody wants to connect to the internet, just try to make it easier for them to do and there you have it.



As said earlier, you can launch into as many startup industries as you want but you do have to be extremely creative. You have to do things the main players in the industry are not doing, and ultimately launch into an industry that matches you passion so it won’t have to be too hard for you.

From the TechProducts team, we do wish you luck on anything you have decided to do. And please do let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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