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Workers Treatment

The technology companies news on how each of Google, Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, car brands, and more are treating their workers around the wold

Celestine Omin Leaves For Andela

andela nigeria, andela it training, andela institute, andela salary, andela home study test, andela home study, andela recruitment 2015, andela jobs, konga shopping, konga fashion, konga nigeria ,dealdey konga fitness,   People do it every time, don’t they?  Celestine Omin has moved to join andela, it’s not something new again for an employee of a company or particular brand to ... Read More »

Certifications And Nigeria’s Problem Of Unemployable Graduates


TAGS: comptia a+, certification a+, certification online, microsoft certification courses free, microsoft certification training, basic computer training, best it certifications 2016 ,it certifications in demand, comptia certification   For years now, it’s been a constant struggle for Nigeria university graduates to get jobs in top companies and organization, bulk of the reasons has been related to poor qualifications, not grades ... Read More »

“Mark Zuckerberg Runs Facebook Like North-Korea Style Cult”

Mark Zuckerberg Runs Facebook Like North Korea Dictator says Antonia Garcia Martinez

“Mark Zuckerberg Runs Facebook Like North-Korea Style Cult” – Former Employee A former employer of Facebook has written a book revealing his stay and style on how he thinks Mark Zuckerbergs runs Facebook, ending up describing it like Kim Joun-un style  – the national leader of North Korea state. In his books he stated that female employee are seriously warned ... Read More »

Rob Shuter Is The New MTN CEO

Rob shutter new mtn group ceo in Africa

MTN, has appointed the former Vodafone European Cluster CEO, Rob Shuter. The decision was made after the executive meeting that ended up recently in South Africa. The non executive chairman that was put in place as the temporary CEO after the resignation of the former CEO, Sifiso Dabengwa after the confrontation of Nigerian governments fined the company for allowing consumers to be using ... Read More »

Linkedin Sold To Microsoft By Jeff Weiner For 26.2Billion Dollars

LinkedIn Sold To Microsoft For 26. Billion Dollars

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has sold LinkedIn to Microsoft for all cash and carry at 26.2 billion dollars. This is the first time a company worth such is being sold in full cash. This is amazing if you ask me and that is alots of money. I need some I guess. Do not let me bore you with my personal ... Read More »

New Ways Of The Modern Workplace

Brainstorming on why some companies in Nigeria are ahead of others will usually lead to a laborious research and even sometimes involve questionnaires and taking samples. It even gets more complex when you are studying firms globally. Don’t worry that has been done for you and the following have been identified as things to be replaced as well as current ... Read More »

What It Means To Work At Facebook

WHAT IT MEANS TO WORK AT FACEBOOK Being a creative genius does not necessarily make you a fantastic business and personnel manager, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of facebook is not an exception. With 1.49billion active users and 10,955 employees as of june 30,2015, Mark does not only have a large consumer base to manage but also large number of ... Read More »

When is Google Moving To Mars?

Weird right? Wait till am through. A Google employee during an important question and answer session called out a Senior Google management staff and asked the million dollar question, “just when exactly are we relocating to Mars?” , I mean come on mate, mars? I personally think Google will do just fine in Mercury, considering its a lot warmer, that’s ... Read More »

A Fair Jab At Telecoms Giant MTN

“We don’t get paid for public holidays; we don’t get paid for Sundays. Even shift allowance after hours. They always short pay us. Now we are tired of MTN, that’s why we are here”, these were the words of an MTN worker during a labour union protest early in April this year in the telecommunications giant home country, south Africa. ... Read More »