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Bitcoin: Nigerians’ Responsiveness

Nigerians and Bitcoin! It wouldn’t be wrong if I say majority of Nigerians embraced this digital currency like no man’s business. Once you mention ‘Bit’, it wouldn’t take long before another person echoes ‘coin’. According to a recently published infographic prepared by a top digital currency companies, it was seen that Nigerian’s response to Bitcoin is highly optimistic. READ ALSO: Bitpesa ... Read More »

West African Mobile Awards (WAMAS): How To Apply

6 African startups win $500,000 in innovative challenge

Hey guys.. in case you do not know anything about the West African Mobile Awards (WAMAS), it’d be my pleasure to tell you some about it. READ MORE: Blackberry Aurora (DUAL-SIM) Price In Nigeria, US, Full Specs And Review The WAMAS as the name implies, is an award programme that welcomes applications from Mobile Innovators across 10 categories and finalists will ... Read More »

BLUBOO DUAL Specifications and Review

It has become clear over the last few months that Bluboo has a new smartphone on the way. This is the Bluboo Dual. In fact, within the past weeks, the first official photos of the new Dual smartphone from Bluboo had come through. While the looks and design of the smartphone were apparent from those images, the actual specs and ... Read More »

Whatsapp To Introduce The ‘Unsend Message’ Feature Soon

Facebook stop collecting European WhatsApp data

Personally, I have been in situations not only on whatsapp, but other instant messaging applications where I almost regret sending a particular message and would immediately feel the urge to ‘unsend’ that message. I have always felt there is a need for the ‘unsend’ feature on whatsapp just like the ‘unlike’ feature needs to be on Facebook. I am beginning ... Read More »

Samsung says it knows why the Galaxy Note 7 exploded, but is not ready to share this information

Even though Samsung had recalled the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 twice because of explosions, and eventually pulled the phablet off of the market, the company at first was unable to duplicate the explosions in the lab . But today, a new report says that Samsung has figured out exactly what caused the problems with Galaxy Note 7 battery that cost ... Read More »

Apple AirPods now in transit; heading to customers who pre-ordered the wireless earphones

Good news to all Apple users who preordered the Apple Airpods! Following the release and launch of the iPhone 7 device some months back, the Apple Airpods were subsequently, almost simultaneously by the way, announced as a new development: given the removal of the 3.5mm earpiece jack from the iPhone 7 devices. The announcement of the Airpods to the public ... Read More »

TECH RUMOUR: HTC 11 To Feature 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM and A Powerful Chipset

The current best device of HTC (this is actually up for debate though), HTC 10, which was announced April 2016 is HTC’s current flagship smartphone. Even though the device did pretty well in terms of sales, it actually fell behind the Samsung galaxy S7 and the Apple iPhone 7 which both, undoubtedly, dominated the smartphone market this year. Would it ... Read More »

‘Hacking’ Snapchat’s Spectacles Is Damn Easy; See How (Videos)

Hacking Snapchat's spectacles

The whole world and their dog know that Snapchat announced the release of their hardware a couple of months back. They called it Spectacles. Obviously that meant it is going to be a wearable gadget for your face right? Snapchat’s Spectacles went on sale a few weeks ago. And following the hype of the colorful gadgets, there was an expected ... Read More »

3 Awesome Launchers For Your Android Device

top android launchers

When I first bought my an Android device several years ago , the first thing I did was to change the phone’s launcher. I mean, what is the point of having an Android device if you can’t exploit the limit of customization. After all, that is one of the biggest selling points of Android: the fact that you can customize ... Read More »

Android Auto Updated; Every Car Now Able To Use The Android App

Android Auto working in every car

One of the highlights of the Google l/O developer conference held earlier this year was the announcement that Android Auto would be coming to Android phones as a standalone app. Android Auto is a software integrated in some cars used to control the cars’ infotainment system like multimedia and maps for directions. Until this announcement, only a tiny percentage of ... Read More »