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How To Understand Augumented Reality And Virtual Reality Better In Nigeria – Techcityng

what is vr and what is ar understanding as a Nigerian

This article is fully written by All Credits belong to them. Written by Adewale. Understanding Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Better As A Nigerian Virtual reality has arrived in full force in 2016. Several very impressive headsets have hit the market and, as we wrote about previously, there also seems to be some developing potential for VR arcades to ... Read More »

2016 Google I/O: The Top Announcements From Google’s #1 Event

google I/O

The biggest 3 days in Google kicked off on Wednesday. Google I/O is the annual event all Android enthusiasts look forward too. Always held in California, this year’s event was no different. Though it had one notable difference. This was the first time the event would hold after the shake up of the tech firm saw it become a subsidiary ... Read More »

What The PlayStation VR Processing Box Really Does

A prototype of the PlayStation VR headset released at the GDC’15 featured an OLED 1920×1080 display with an RGB subpixel matrix, and was capable of displaying content at 120fps. It also featured a high FOV, 6DOF head- tracking, stereoscopic 3D, and unwarped output to a TV, either for others to view what the headset wearer sees, or a separate display ... Read More »

Sony’s PlayStation VR Will Also Play Non-VR Games And Video Content

Sony Entertainment has announced that in contrary to general assumptions, its $400 PlayStation VR isn’t just for gaming. Sony made the announcement during the company’s press conference while also hinting that with Sony’s PlayStation VR, you will also be able to play games and watch video contents that wasn’t designed for virtual reality. The company calls this feature the cinematic ... Read More »

HTC Vive Wins Big In VR Market

The HTC VIVE VR has reached a new milestone, achieving a 15,000 unit sales in just 10 minutes after it went on sale. This has pretty beat wide speculations of a potentially slow and low sales. 2016 is indeed the year we will all see a rapid take off of Virtual reality technology. Decades ago, along with the promises of ... Read More »

Project Tango: Google’s Next VR Journey

They are powerful, super immersive, and may finally have games and apps that are more than just mere tech demos. The are the PlayStation VR, The Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, certainly the most immersive VR gadgets around. However, Immersive as the get, Google wants to trump them all. The Google glass may not have set a good Augmented ... Read More »

Sony Forgot It Had A VR Product, Now It Wants To Talk About It

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, there was one notable VR gear maker absent — Sony. Almost every other major smartphone maker revealed its VR plans at the MWC this year. Even Alcatel announced the packaging of its IDOL 4S would double as a VR headset while LG stunned its fans with a super lightweight smartphone powered VR headset. ... Read More »

Get Used To It, The VR Craze Is Here To Stay

Global smartphone markets are saturated, same goes for most mobile gadgets like tablets, laptops and gaming consoles. But as we all know, the manufacturers of this gadgets have got to make profits anyway, so what’s next? Perhaps in a desperate search for new ways to grow, the mobile industry is placing a large stack of chips on virtual reality. Microsoft, ... Read More »

If The HTC Vive Has Any Flaw, It’s The Ridiculous Price Tag

The HTC Vive virtual reality headset has been some sort of a sensation for a while. And luckily, as promised, 2016 has seen the unveiling of more details about the somewhat not so publicized VR gadget. A lot of VR enthusiasts and other interested spectators have been curious for a while what would be the retail price for the headset ... Read More »

Its Game On, Facebook Brings Dynamic Streaming To The Gear VR

Facebook, through its VR Unit, Oculus recently announced a not so cheap $600 price tag for its Rift VR headset. Samsung had already done the honors a little longer ago with a $100 retail price. Though Facebook’s Rift is, in my opinion, far more immersive than the the Gear VR, but the hard truth remains that the Gear VR is ... Read More »