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Just Like Uber, Ride Hailing App Taxify Jacks Up Prices In Kenya


Someone said somewhere that low prices for these taxi apps result into low driver morale. I might be inclined to subscribe to this school of thought as everyone including taxi cabs drivers would want to make the most profit out of whatever they do. Well today, Ride hailing platform, Taxify pushed a release where they gave new rates, which has ... Read More »

“UberHIRE”: Uber Launches New Service In India

nuTonomy, Grab, Driverless taxis

UBER, an American worldwide online transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California has launched in India, a new service to its big pool of services and it calls this one the UberHIRE. UberHIRE enables users to hire cars in India, and this is to be done in an unconventional way. One unique thing about the UberHIRE service is that ... Read More »

Taxify In Lagos Reduces Their Discount Rate


Taxify Is Obviously Cannot Keep 40% Discount After Ten 10 Days In Lagos, Now 25% Off       Taxify launched on November 18, 2016, and users welcomed its entrance and expected a fall in prices or just enough competition to make Uber sit up and take notice. Taxify didn’t disappoint on the price part as they launched with a ... Read More »

Uber Lose Big UK Court Case: Implications For Uber Drivers Worldwide

Uber lost labor case in UK court

One question that gets me very hot anytime I bother to think of Uber for long is this: is Uber an app or a tech firm? That is one question a labor court in the UK just answered without anybody actually posing the question. The court has determined that Uber drivers can now be classified as regular employees and so ... Read More »

Uber Partners First Bank To Offer Its Best Driver-Partners Used Car Loans

Uber Nigeria

The Nigerian branch of transportation network company, Uber, has announced today that it is partnering with First Bank of Nigeria to offer low-interest, used-vehicle loans to its top-rated driver-partners. With this new development, Uber driver-partners with good performance records will be able to access used-car financing from First Bank at an interest rate of 20% per annum over a 24-month ... Read More »

World’s First Driverless Taxis Debut In Singapore

nuTonomy, Grab, Driverless taxis

Since last year when Google started test-driving their autonomous cars in the city of Austin, I was of the firm belief that Google were far ahead of the competition when it comes to autonomous cars. But recent events have shown that Google just made the loudest noise and garnered the most publicity. The news coming out of Singapore Is really ... Read More »

Google Maps Adds Two Uber Rivals To Its Cab Hailing Options

Google Maps cab hailing options uber rivals

Hailing a cab through Google Maps just got a lot more interesting with the addition of two more cab hailing services, Lyft and Gett. This news though is going to be more interesting to users of Google Maps in the US and UK alone as those are the only places where those services operate at the moment. As a matter ... Read More »

Uber Existence Threatens In Lagos By New Policy

Uber Maps, Google Maps

The happiness being experienced by Uber; the world largest taxi company and the Lagos government might soon come to an end as the Lagos government is bringing up a new policy to regulate Uber and other taxi-hailing startups and tech companies in Lagos. Of a recent, Uber Lagos announced that they have successfully completed their first 1 million rides in Lagos ... Read More »

Uber Shows Support for NuliJuice, To Deliver Their Products On Thursday

uber shows support for NuliJuice

On Thursday, September 8, 2016 between 8 – 11am, Uber users in Lagos will be able to order breakfast from Nuli Juice for N2000. This partnership is Uber’s way of supporting Nuli Juice in light of the recent destruction of one of their stores. If you live in Lagos (or Nigeria, for that matter), you probably heard about the Nuli ... Read More »

UberEats To Launch In Johannesburg By December

uber eats to launch in Johannesburg

UberEats launched in 2014 and it’s currently available in 29 cities – 21 in the US, 3 in Canada (Ottawa, Toronto and Edmonton), 2 in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), and 1 in Singapore, UK (London) and France (Paris) each. It works through partnerships with local restaurants and this allows users get their meals delivered from restaurants in their areas within ... Read More »