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Tesla Acquires SolarCity, Another Piece In Elon Musk’s Ultimate Vision

Tesla finally acquire SolarCity

Elon Musk has a vision. One of the pieces of making that vision become reality fell into place when SolarCity officially became a part of Tesla yesterday. Nobody really knows what Elon Musk’s vision is. All we know is that he has been in the news a lot lately either buying up things or telling us about the things he would ... Read More »

98% Of German Drivers Not Stupid! – Tesla Informs German Government

Tesla Autopilot, German drivers, KBA

Elon Musk’s Tesla have told the German authorities in charge of safety regulations for cars that drivers in Germany know that ‘autopilot’ as used by Tesla does not mean the car is fully automated. This is another way of telling the Government to know that the people of Germany who drove Tesla cars are smart and not nearly as stupid ... Read More »

Google Self-driving Car Involved In Terrible Accident

Google self-driving car accident

The weekend was not so good for Google self-driving car as it was involved in the worst accident ever since public testing of the autonomous vehicles started last year. On the other hand, it could also be viewed as good news for the driverless cars as most reports confirmed Google’s driverless car was broadsided by a van that ran a ... Read More »

Why And How Lithium-ion Batteries Over-Heat And Catch Fire

lithium-ion batteries over-heating, li-ion batteries catching fire

Last week, the biggest news in the world of Android smartphones was Samsung’s decision to recall millions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which were overheating and bursting into flames in several cases. The news stunned several people around the world because such serious mishaps was never expected to be associated with Samsung smartphones. However, when it comes to Li-ion batteries, ... Read More »

Mobileye, Makers OF Tesla’s Autopilot, Ends Partnership With Tesla

Mobileye, Tesla Autopailot, Self-driving cars, Autonomous cars

In an announcement that got the auto world really buzzing, Mobileye said it is parting ways with Tesla. Mobileye are the manufacturers of the software that controls Tesla’s Autopilot. Autopilot is the name Tesla christened the collection of softwares in their semi  autonomous cars responsible for keeping the cars on their lanes without the aid of a driver. The Autopilot ... Read More »

Tesla To Modify Autopilot Radar System – Elon Musk Tweets

Mobileye, Tesla Autopailot, Self-driving cars, Autonomous cars

Tesla Motor say they intend to work on modifying the autopilot device. This news is apparently in response to the latest crash of their Model X car that occurred recently. An earlier crash involving a model S in Florida however was fatal to the passenger in the car. This happened over two months ago after both the autopilot and passenger ... Read More »

Too Much Ado Over The Fatal Tesla Model X Car Crash

Tesla, Elon Musk, autopilot

When it was widely reported over a week ago that a 2016 Tesla Model X car being driven on autopilot had crashed in Pennsylvania, I barely paid the news much attention. I felt the news trended for a while because, the Model X is part of a new group of cars built with the best technology that can be fitted ... Read More »

Forget The Hype, Here Is Why Apple Isn’t Buying Tesla

Before we dive into the details, I probably deserve some scolding for this. Earlier in my article about what Companies Apple could possibly buy with its about $206 billion lying around, I brought up Tesla — or at least that what was public sentiments pointed at. However, things change and in my case — it took a surprisingly short time ... Read More »

Some Deadly Gadgets You Can Create On Your Own

It’s 2015 and it may be 2025 by the time you’re reading this for all I care. Geeks are pissed, quite pissed – the futuristic promises of flying cars, jetpacks, and time machines have not been fulfilled. Decades ago, judging by the speed at technology was cruising, we all probably thought we will be in one of those cool flying ... Read More »

The Future of Human Drivers

If you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re wondering what all the hype about Tesla is. Well don’t wonder far. Tesla is an automobile company founded by a prolific entrepreneur and business man, Elon Musk. Well in this article you will a new upgrade to the seemingly already full bag of innovations from the Tesla. For our story today however, the electric ... Read More »