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Russia To Block LinkedIn; Facebook, Twitter, Others On Red Alert

LinkedIn to be blocked in Russia

Russia has fired the first shot in its attempt to muzzle foreign tech firms from operating without tight government regulation in the country. The unfortunate firm in the line of fire is LinkedIn, the website for professionals to connect with each other. Yesterday, a court in the country passed judgement that the social networking website breached major aspects of Russia’s ... Read More »

Facebook ‘Like’ Button, Other Icons And Social Plugins Get A Facelift

Facebook, chrome extension, Social plugins

Facebook has rolled out several new features to the site. The changes are not major though. More to do with changing how it looks. Perhaps to make the social forum look more modern. The new changes would affect the very iconic ‘like’ button that is well known around the world. The ‘share’ button has also being redesigned. New icons have ... Read More »

Instagram To Get Auto-Translation Feature From Next Month

instagram, translation feature

Next month, in-app translation is coming to Instagram. The translation feature which is automatic, and based on your language settings, would translate comments, captions or descriptions posted beside pictures. A translation of the bio of the users would also be done automatically. This is very useful on so many levels. Here is the thing about Instagram that makes it so ... Read More »

Ex Google Exec, Kevin Lo, Now To Head Facebook’s Connectivity Division

facebbok, kevin Lo

Facebook is taking a punt on a former Google employee to be part of its Internet connectivity team. Kevin Lo is the ex-Google man Facebook feels would do a good job being Director of Infrastructure Connectivity and Investments. The news, which was first broken by tech site Recode, and is now seriously trending in the tech world, is important for ... Read More »

Facebook’s Mother’s Day Reaction Emoji Was Just Temporary

news feed

Were you one of the lucky few that saw Facebook’s Mother’s Day reaction emoji? Well don’t rush over to your Facebook app to search for the emoji. You won’t find it. It turns out that Facebook’s Mother’s Day reaction emoji was just a temporary update to celebrate Mother’ Day marked two days ago. For the unlucky ones who did not ... Read More »

Facebook Camera App: Facebook’s New Standalone App On The Way

facebook camera app

A Facebook camera app is reportedly being built by a team of Facebook engineers in London. This is one of the few times a Facebook product would be developed outside of its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. The standalone camera app is another way Facebook is trying to erode Snapchat’s influence. According to the exclusive report by the World Street ... Read More »

New Explore Feature Adds More Variety To Instagram Videos

Explore feature

It’s now official that online videos are the current trend. That is why the world’s biggest photo sharing social network, Instagram, is doing its bit to be part of it. It has just revamped the  Explore feature on the app to include customized videos and video channels without actually affecting your main Instagram timeline. This is coming just weeks after ... Read More »

Share More Personal Updates, Please – Facebook

personal updates

Personal updates was the backbone of Facebook when it first started a dozen years ago. Facebook updates, originally, was all about telling your friends and family personal things about yourself. Opening up Facebook was mainly to see the things your friend who had Facebook accounts were up to. Births, parties, marriages, birthdays good news, misfortunes, trips, etc; there was no ... Read More »

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Helps The Blind ‘See’ Facebook Photos

facebook artificial intelligence

People with normal vision take many things for granted unlike their visually impaired counterpart. Going through Facebook for instance. We see everything. And read everything without even thinking about the process. That is why aiding the blind or visually impaired to see images using the Facebook artificial intelligence is a something to really celebrate. Facebook artificial intelligence team were able ... Read More »

Instagram Videos Now Up To 60 Seconds Long From 15 Seconds

instagram videos

If you love posting Instagram videos, your online virtual life just got a little more interesting. Before now, the total length for a video was just 15 seconds. I don’t do Instagram at all, but I just wonder how people who use the social network got by on just 15 seconds. I mean, what interesting thing can one pile into ... Read More »