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Instagram Reaches 700 Million Users In The Fastest Time Frame

Instagram reaches 700 million users

Whoaa, it is now confirmed that once you have the platform, you can be like your competitors by doing the same thing they are doing. One would have thought otherwise when it came to the issue of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, but then, they have proved all of us wrong. READ MORE: Facebook Copying Snapchat: The Root, Dirty Tricks & ... Read More »

Instagram Direct Introduces Disappearing Photo/Video Feature

Instagram Stories three new features

Instagram has introduced the disappearing messages feature which could be in a bid to aid and increase the number of users on Instagram direct. They have added visual’ temporary messages which works with permanent DMs in your Direct inbox. So, you can infuse a direct message with either a disappearing photo or video in your post. READ MORE: Facebook Copying Snapchat: ... Read More »

Facebook Copies Snapchat Again: Launches Facebook Camera & Facebook Stories

Well, with this recent development, I have come to a conclusion that Facebook can never stop copying Snapchat. You might want to read everything about the tussle between both entities here. According to Facebook, they have launched another feature – the Facebook camera to “make it fast, fun and easy for people to share creative photos and videos with whomever ... Read More »

Facebook Copying Snapchat: The Root, Dirty Tricks & Why Snapchat Can’t Sue

Snapchat $4 billion IPO

It has been established over the years how Facebook made it their course to engage in a blatant copying of snapchat features – particularly the snapchat stories. Right from the very first day they launched INSTAGRAM STORIES, many people have envisaged that they would surely try more and more to look more like snapchat, but why. Facebook didn’t stop at ... Read More »

Snapchat Inc. Is Now A Public Limited Company, Valued At $24 Billion

best android iphone apps 2016

Snap Inc., an American multinational technology and social media company, founded on September 16, 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy and based in Venice, Los Angeles has now gone public. Read more: Evan spiegel’s Girlfriend Angry At Facebook For Copying Snapchat Recall that Snapchat last year, registered Snapchat Inc. as a company with the hope of venturing into other lines ... Read More »

Whatsapp Has Now Launched The Stories Feature – “Whatsapp Status”

Facebook has just shown us that they aren’t done with their blatant copying of Snapchat. From the days of copying Snapchat stories only to effect it on Instagram stories and now, Whatsapp stories, seriously? The stories feature will replace the app’s text-based status messages. The feature begins rolling out to WhatsApp’s billion-plus users today on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. ... Read More »

Evan spiegel’s Girlfriend Angry At Facebook For Copying Snapchat

Facebook tests Masquerade filters Snapchat

Well, as a matter of fact, everyone knows about the deeds of Facebook. Deeds in this case refers to Facebook’s blatant copying of a whole lot of snapchat’s features. They can copy a feature, fine tune it and make you love it even more than you do the first one. Many people must have criticized Facebook for these copying but then, ... Read More »

How To Make Snapchat Use Less Data & Battery On Android

best android iphone apps 2016

You would agree totally with me that there is hardly any mobile application which does not have a lasting and tangible effect on its host phone’s battery and data – where applicable. How large the size of an application is could really be a determining factor in all of this, amongst other things. Read more; ‘Hacking’ Snapchat’s Spectacles Is Damn Easy; ... Read More »

Whatsapp To Introduce The ‘Unsend Message’ Feature Soon

Facebook stop collecting European WhatsApp data

Personally, I have been in situations not only on whatsapp, but other instant messaging applications where I almost regret sending a particular message and would immediately feel the urge to ‘unsend’ that message. I have always felt there is a need for the ‘unsend’ feature on whatsapp just like the ‘unlike’ feature needs to be on Facebook. I am beginning ... Read More »

The Best Android and iPhones Apps Of 2016 (2)

best android iphone apps 2016

This is the second part of the best apps of this year. Go here to have a read at the first part. Snapchat As far as chat apps are concerned, 2106 could be called the year of Snapchat. Not many people outside of the US and Canada knew about this app until Facebook and others started copying features of Snapchat ... Read More »