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See How Your Smartphone Password Can Be Stolen Using Motion Sensors

Smartphone password hacked

According to a most recent research by newCyber experts at Newcastle University, they have been able to reveal the ease with which malicious websites and apps can spy on us using the motion sensors in our smartphones and tablets. READ MORE: ‘Hacking’ Snapchat’s Spectacles Is Damn Easy; See How (Videos) Analysing the movement of a device as the keyboard was used, ... Read More »

Huawei Looking To Top SA’s Smartphone Market

Setting and achieving goals means progress for every successful business right? Well, Huawei has now set a target of theirs and that is to reach the top two positions of the smartphone market in South Africa. Internationally, the company is on the number 3 spot, and in 2016, 139 million units of its consumer division were shipped. Also last year, ... Read More »

A “Master Fingerprint” Can Unlock Any Smartphone

Fingerprint sensor

Just when you think technology has solved an entire problem of phone insecurity with the use of the fingerprint sensor, but then, you are given a reason to think again. Right now, Fingerprints sensors are like the most secure option you can trust the security of your smartphone with, but here we are, being told a very different story from ... Read More »

Smartphone Market Does Not Matter To Sony Anymore; VR & MR Does

Sony Logo

It is seeming like there are some brands that cannot withstand the fierce competition the smartphone industry offers, which might have lead to a chicken out decision. On another hand, maybe they do not believe in the future of smartphones anyone. Anyhow it is, they do not care about the market anymore. READ MORE: Samsung To Replace Some SDI & ATL ... Read More »

DID YOU KNOW: A Smartphone Can Now Test Sperm Quality

Just the moment when you think technology has reached its absolute peak, you’d surely get one more thing that pushes beyond limits and set another standard for some others to beat. In absolute terms, i am inclined to infer that technology has no limits. You’d know why in a little time. READ MORE: Huawei P10 Lite Price In Nigeria, Full Specs ... Read More »

Long Lasting Battery | Great Camera | Large Display | Big RAM: Which Do You Prefer?

Just as our names, faces and fingerprints are different, so are our preferences. You ask five people ‘what do you prefer to be the main feature on your smartphone? Long lasting battery, very good camera, a big sized RAM, big display e.t.c”. I’m sure you would get very different answers, some even combining two or more features. Its normal for ... Read More »

Top Smartphone Seller In China, Oppo Increase Shipment Plans By 60%

Huawei Overtake Samsung

Oppo, the Chinese electronics manufacturer based in Dongguan, Guangdong whose major product lines include smartphones, Blu-ray players and other electronic device has concluded on plans to increase their shipment plans. Read more: Nokia 3 Price In Nigeria, India, China, Rumored Specs And Review Oppo, who entered the phone market in 2008, have continued expansion of its production capacity in China in ... Read More »

VERY DURABLE! Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Cracks A Walnut – Video

Nokia 6 Android smartphone images

It isn’t news anymore that Nokia just released their first phone this year – the Nokia 6 Android smartphone. Well, to me, it seems they have decided to carry us back memory lane, back to the days of the strong legendary Nokia 3310 that amongst other things, can be used to “pluck a fruit from its tree” as the durability ... Read More »

Umi Z Full Specifications, Reviews And Price In Nigeria, Kenya And Ghana

With 2017 still in it’s early and young stage, smartphone brands have decided not to waste much time in releasing and unveiling flagship devices. The latest of such brands is Chinese smartphone company, UMi. The flagship device released by UMi is the UMi Z smartphone. The UMi Z is a 2017 flagship smartphone from UMi. It has some super cool and ... Read More »

HTC Did Not Meet Their Smartphone Shipment Target For 2016

2016 mobile world congress

2016 was a very fulfilling year for some people and for others, it wasn’t really encouraging to go on doing business. Some companies met and surpassed their targets, come were equal to their targets and others, like the one we are about to read didn’t even meet their targets at all. Read more; HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle Price In Nigeria, Kenya, ... Read More »